It's here .

The notification goes out a bit late, here, but I honestly forgot about it in the mess of trying to get the word out everywhere I'm listed. 

Normally, I might've given Patrons timed exclusivity, but it's been a long time, for one, and for another, I'm a bit worried about the legalities of everything...

Ahem. Anyway, Patreon has never been about making fanfiction my job. That's illegal and absurd. It's about giving my fans the chance to keep me afloat until I can become a Real Author (which is not that dissimilar from Pinocchio becoming a Real Boy, just with less magic and fairy godmothers), and giving back a few bonuses and thank-you gifts to those patrons kind enough to help me, you know, keep living.

Well, that got a bit preachy. This is what I do when sleep deprived, people. 

Which is a bit strange, since I've done some of my best work while completely exhausted.

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