Mozzoloh devlog 15 (v0.3 changelog)
Here are the main changes :
  • New girl : Lily
  • New dungeon : Spider forest
  • New minigame : Dating
  • Cool effects when launching attacks (be sure to activate particles in the options)
  • All the changes already said here (make the game easier)
  • Amelia monster hunting system added to earn money
  • Gardening system added
  • Feline world dungeon extended
  • Monster resistances/weaknesses system added
  • You know how to unlock the first locked gallery picture by hovering over it
  • New bonus codes
  • Possibility to cancel attack when prompted to select a target
  • Possibility to shift-click item in shop to buy/sell full stack
  • Items are now sorted in shop and in inventory
  • New recipes, items and stuff as usual
  • Sensor and Eye rings now gives HP bonus

It will be released to the public after November 15th. Next version will be out around Chirstmas.

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