Mper Adventure #15
“A promise given”

The characters are 30 years in the worlds past, trying to change the future. The characters know that in the future the city of Deserata will be ruled by a creature called The Voice From The East in the guise of the new queen of Deserata. The characters know that this will begin the end of the world. The characters know the horror that this will bring. They have lived through it and now they have gone back in time to stop it.


Koralyn - Manthootian fighter - Former mercenary and Hunts mistress, tested in battle. She has seen what the world will look like under the yoke of the Voice From The East.

Luren - Bard - Granddaughter of one of the worlds hero’s from the past. She does not know the worlds future.

Algehorn - Priest - New to world, but he has seen the far future... and it wasn’t good.

Hans - Ranger- Grandson of a former fighter for the good of the City State.

When last we left our intrepid adventurers.

The characters had a good night amongst the Myronites and head off at a brisk pace towards the town proper. They get about halfway when a farmer comes running out of the woods screaming that
a demon is eating his house.

When the characters move closer they see a large bug like thing attacking the house. The players move to engage the thing. Kinara throws a ball of fire and wounds the creature while Hans fires arrows into it. No sooner have they attacked the creature but another emerges from the ground. Koralyn is right next to the thing and suffers a burst of acid that it spray on her Aglehorn moves up and heals her while Luren after throwing a spell resorts to firing her bow at the beast.

The first creature is down and Kinara throws her last fire bolt and Hans continues with arrows. Koralyn strikes the beast once and then twice and the thing dies. After the party has finished binding their wounds the farmer approaches them thanking the characters for their feat of bravery. As a small payment he offers the group a bottle of the local orange wine called Faramere.

The party after a bit more traveling arrive at Sand Towers low town. The one street town is dominated by a large inn called Inns keep, further down the road there is  an ale house called Kenna’s Head in a Bag. The characters investigate the inn and purchase rooms. Hans asks for a bath and the innkeeper tells him that she can have one drawn for him, however he can borrow a bucket and go to the nearby stream for free. 

The rest of the party settles in and goes over the plan. They still carry the dagger of Gor Du Mel and they need to get it out of the country. As they talk a group of soldiers is reveling at another booth. No plan is decided upon but they decide to talk about it later.

Later in the day the woman they were traveling with Melazeri and her son and protector arrive. The Van still looks about ready to have her baby anytime. The characters decide that they will pay a visit to the shrine on the hill tomorrow and see if that can help them get passage out of the country.

The characters walk in later and the lead soldier Altman Ka Be Alligoria and his five men are entertaining the young boy (Melazeri’s son, Jamith). The boy is very interested in the weapons and listens in awe as Ka Be tells him about all of the Southern she has killed in Sadakadish. Hans watches as Ka Be demonstrates the bullroarer. Melazery pulls her son away from the soldiers and takes him to their rooms.

The characters chat with the soldiers who seem friendly, Ka Be seems interested in Kinara but keeps the mood light. Hans tells the soldier that his grand father was a friend of Christopher Raeders (Santal Sylvia’s consort) and how he was a great admirer of Raedier’s infantry unit called the Brass Buttons. Ka Be makes some disparaging remarks about  

Hans’s father, but nothing comes of it. The soldiers excuse themselves and the players order dinner.

At the end of dinner they party hears a loud drumming outside. The party goes outside and sees one of Ka Be’s men walking up and down the street with a drum while another holds a flaming symbol of Chaldisaya. The soldiers head off into the forest.

In a clearing the soldiers have erected a small stage. Ka Be addresses the crowd and tells them how much the country needs it’s patriots in this time of rebellion and war with the Southerners. Much free beer is handed out and the speech goes on for a while.

Ka Be helps a young woman onto the stage, she is a thin teenager with short cropped hair and angular features. The girls is wearing a thin robe that seems to engulf her. As the girls kneels on the stage a transformation overcomes her, her body quivers and shakes, her hair grows into a luxurious black mane and her body fills out the robe. The girl address the crowd as the Jekenis Distaria I. She talks to the crowd and seems to have some of them bewitched. She looks at Hans and in his mind he hears the name of a demon from his world. The others hear similar things and most of them head back to the inn.

The party members are a little freaked out by the display not sure if the creature knows where they are or if it was just and illusion, they have an uneasy night. The next morning they decide to leave the town. On the way out they are accosted by Melazery. The woman tells them that her son has gone and joined the army. Koralyn tells the others that as a mercenary she has seen younger children enter a service and his being 11 doesn’t mean he cannot legally join. Melazery tells them that she wants the characters to get him back from the soldiers. She went herself earlier but Ka Be laughed at her. She says that she offered him every thing that she had to give but was rejected. She tells them that if they will go and her her son back she will reward them greatly.

The characters agree to do as she asks if she will help them get out of the country. The woman agrees and tells them that she will meet them near the waterfall with horses and provisions. Melazeri makes her way to get provisions and the characters debate what they are going to do. Several of them wish to help her while others argue that to fight soldiers would be a mistake. After much soul searching they decide to not go after the boy, but to take the path towards the shrine and then leave town. The party having made their decision heads for the shrine.