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Mr. Alligator with a Real Alligator
Dear lovely patrons,

A few days ago, I flew to New Orleans for the first time. It's been absolutely amazing - this city is full of magic and history, music and life. The effects of Hurricane Katrina have never been more vivid to me, and pain is interlaced in NOLA's current and past history. Nevertheless, or because of it, this place is like none other I've ever visited.

After a visit to a small Voodoo museum, I took a boat to the swampy parts of Louisiana, about 45 minutes outside of the city, where we checked out cyprus trees, wild boars... and alligators. 

I was thinking of you on that boat in the swamp, and figured you would appreciate an alligator song with a real live alligator eating marshmallows in the water behind me :)

I'd love to hear stories of your reactions! It was fun to make.

See you soon,