Mr. Spaceman Has Landed At Radio Rock
On May 5, 2015 Artist, Michael Blu released to the world his new album, Mr. Spaceman. In the last two years of playing indie music, I thought I'd heard pretty much every sound, I'm glad to say, I was wrong! Michael's vocals take you to a place in music that is completely new and unexplored. From the outset the album feels like a journey you want to listen to with your eyes closed.  While the popular song on the album is the title track, I invite you take time to pay close attention to, My First Song.  It will quickly be a track you'll be putting on repeat, guaranteed. 

Co-produced with bassist Jason Pellegrino, the album has been recorded over the last year in three different locations (Venice Beach, L.A and Austin).

In his work Blu offers a unique and diverse collection of 11 songs that have a creative edge and approach for our time. In fact, with this album, Michael Blu is creating new tapestries, sounds and combinations wildly fused with rock, pop, funk, acoustic, classic and electro elements that create a refreshing new sound. A sound that you may only define as his own and which may open possibilities in the music world that were never explored before. Blu’s experimental, free and poetic expression are avant guard and not only from a musical point of view. As you listen to his inspiring melodies you may embark in a journey of self development, self appreciation and philosophical quandaries, to where you may even question the meaning of your own life. Perhaps, after you start singing his catchy and positive phrases you find yourself reevaluating your dreams, your love life and where you want to take this reality of yours. Michael Blu is in alignment with the spiritual awakening of the souls but his approach to music cannot be compared to any other artists or musical genre.

We invite you to tune into the Morning Brew with Tom Slick for the next several weeks as we feature 5 of the amazing 11 tracks on Mr. Spaceman.

Those tracks are:

1. Mr. Spaceman

2. Listen

3. Choka Clean

4. Big Blu Rose

5. My First Song

The tracks are not being played in any particular order. We are mixing them up daily, so you will have to tune in Monday to Friday to see which one Tom Slick wants to share with you.  You can get your very own copy of Michael's new album on iTunes, Reverbnation, and of course the official website.  You can also find Michael on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter as well.