MSA and me
I have Multiple systems atrophy. Doctors call my disease MSA.

MSA  is a 'cousin' of Parkinson's disease.I was diagnosed with Parkinson's but my symptoms changed. 

My body feels like cement is in my body and has hardened.  I'm incontinent and I've lost the ability to sweat, taste or smell anything. I should be using a walker.  I use a cane instead. 

I tell you this not to ask for pity but to invite you to come along on my journey. Does anyone have MSA?  I've learned so much and would love to share it.

MSA doesn't define me and it shouldn't you either. As long as I'm alive I can see a sunrise or feel the rain against my face. I can laugh and love. I can write and help others.

I have resources that can help others get the medical equipment they need. I can raise money if necessary.

Tell me your story. I'd love to hear it.