MTGAHelper Deck Analysis (Advanced stats)

Sep 12, 2020

Hi fellow Planeswalkers!

I decided to write a short post about a very powerful feature that often gets overlooked on the MTGA Decks page: Advanced stats.

MTGA Decks

You can access statistics from your decks and played matches on the MTGA Decks page located under the My Data > MTGA Decks menu item.

Advanced stats

There is also an Advanced stats page that opens in a new window. I also added a way to open the page from the summary table to the left that lists all your decks:

Once on the Advanced stats page, you will be able to visualize your stats by any view you want to construct with the attributes available.

For example in the above view, you will be able to analyze your win-rate by event type and then if you were on the play or on the draw.

We can see with this Red aggro deck that when playing first (on the Play), it won 70.2% of the Ladder games and 66.2% of the casual Play games.

It managed to win 46% of the Ladder games and 49.7% of the Play games when on the Draw, so we can conclude that this deck is very sensitive to who plays first .

Aggregation attributes

Here are all the attributes by which you can slice and dice your data:

Event name: Ladder, Play, etc.

Opponent rank: Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.

FirstTurn: If you were on the Play or on the Draw

Start date and time: Not very useful but can be used to identify specific matches

Opponent colors: Can help finding against which archetypes the deck is strong/weak

Mulligans: To aggregate your data by how many mulligans you took

Opponent mulligans: To aggregate your data by how many mulligans the opponent took 

You can use a combination of any of them to drill deep into the data or have a very high-level view of your statistics when using only 1 or 2 of them.

Finally, you can also filter out some values for attributes you decided to use in your analysis by clicking on one and then unchecking the values you don't want to see. This allows to view statistics for only specifc values.

I hope this page will be useful to you for determining the strengths and weaknesses of your decks and will help you win more games and become a better player!