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Table of Contents - The Growing Technique Library

Next Up:  possibly Manop, Manop gym

#54 The Late Sirimongkol and Lertrit Master General Tunwakom (81 min) watch it here 

This session is a big part of what the Muay Thai Library project is all about. It's likely the last substantive video of the 1972 Fighter of the Year Sirimonkol Looksiripat, including a lengthy interview telling of his remarkable career. He also goes through the basics of his southpaw fighting approach. As an added bonus, Muay Lertrit (military Muay Thai) master General Tunwakom jumps in and teaches the unique strikes of his art. 

#53 Kem Kem Muaythai Gym - Mastering Everything In Between (80 min) watch it here  

With one of the great technique krus of Thailand, Kem Kem Muaythai Gym, in his gym in the mountains just below Khorat. A special session that details how to work on all the things in-between strikes. So much to learn in this 80 minutes. He's a special teacher.

#52 Krongsak Prakong-Boranrat - That Shoving Energy (56 min) watch it here 

Legendary Krongsak, a man who beat Sagat 3x, and fought Dieselnoi to a draw, gives a session that is all about the right fight energy in training. He places great importance on eye-contact, and making sure your strikes really finish, as well as focusing on the back foot in stance, the rudder of the boat. 

#51  Berneung Kem Muaythai Gym - Big Man Timing, Not Power (66 min)  watch it here 

Berneung, despite being a power, Muay Khao fighter is a big advocate of timed pressure, and using timing to disrupt and ultimately dismantle your opponent. This session is full of teep tactics, switching into opposite stance, clinch trips and turns, and a thinking many's Muay Khao approach.

#50 Karuhat Sor. Supawan - Serpentine Knees & Flow  (62 min) watch it here 

The legendary Karuhat teaches his winding, advancing style, a culmination of many, many hours of our training together. You get a glimpse into his advanced movements, and his philosophy on reading opponents.

15 Muay Thai Library Sessions - $5 Tier - the 15 most recent Library sessions are available to those that pledge $5 or more.  The 15 most recent include the 5 that are above, and the 10 that follow in this section:

#49 Chamuakpet Hapalang - Devastating Knee in Combination  (66 min) watch it here 

The most decorated fighter of the Golden Age with 4 Lumpinee Belts and 5 Rajadamnern Belts, and the Fighter of the Year award (1985), Chamuakpet, a gym-mate of Dieselnoi, teaches his beautiful and devastating Southpaw knee to the open side, in combination. His fast, powerful knee was practically unstoppable and in this session you can see why. 

#48 Dieselnoi Chor. Thanasukarn - Jam Session  (80 min) watch it here 

Possibly the greatest fighter who ever lived, Dieselnoi, teaches his fighting tactics and strategy, keys to winning as a Muay Khao fighter. He is accompanied by Rajadamnern Featherweight champion Nopidej Sor. Reodi, so you get to see see the interaction between two related philosophies of the Muay Khao style. This session could be watched and studied over and over.

#47 Silapathai Jockygym - Master of Teep Distance (64 min) watch it here

One of the great femeu fighters of the Golden Age unlocks the secret of his teep oriented dominance which made him one of the most difficult fighters to face in his day. The lessons here are precious as he unfolds the details of how to use the teep and tempo to always put the fight where you want it.

#46 Bluksek Sityodtong - Internal Knees & Elbows (59 min) watch it here

Learn techniques that go all the way back to Old School Sityodtong, some of these I've not seen before. Kru Noi has a system of internal elbows and knees that work offense and defense together. And don't miss what I'm calling the Low Kick Destroyer, sure to end your opponent low kicking you.

#45 Langsuan Panyutapum - Monster Muay Khao Training (66 min) watch it here 

One of the greatest knee fighters who ever fought, 1987 Fighter of the Year Langsuan shows how an elite Muay Khao fighter of his day trained. This session is powerful on the basics that elevate the body and mind, at high repetition, allowing the relentless, pressing style that made Langsuan the fighter nobody wanted to fight.

#44 Ponsaknoi Sit Chang - Old School Jockygym (74 min) watch it here

Ponsaknoi is from the legendary Jockgym, a gym producing some of the greatest champions in Thai history, femeu elite fighters like Somrak, Saenchai, Lerdsila have flowered from this gym. An instructor at Jockygym for 20 years, and a fighter there long before, this session allows insight into the grounded basics of the femeu fighting approach across the decades.

#43  Kongsamut Sor. Thanikul - Muay Mat Style (74 min) watch it here

This Lumpinee champion is perhaps most notable for when he lost a fight for the 102 lb Lumpinee belt, against famed Samart. Samart winning his first belt of many. Kongsamut has a beautiful Muay Mat (punchers) style that he mixes with low kicks, very differently than the Pornsanae style. He fights in close, and is constantly twisting, hitting high and low. Any Muay Thai puncher would benefit from the principles in his style.  

#42  Boraphet Pinsinchai - Muay Khao Fighting Techniques (50 min) watch it here 

Kru Ten is probably the best Muay Khao (knee fighting) private in Thailand, and one of the best in the Muay Thai Library. He not only is expert at clearly illustrating techniques, he has a perfect energy pace in his instruction.

#41  Samson Isaan - The Art of Dern Fighting (64 min) watch it here 

To "dern" in Thai is to "walk", which means basically to just come forward no matter what, to create a relentlessness. Voted Fighter of the Year in 1991, Samson Isaan was one of the great Dern Fighters of the Golden Age, and in this session he shows his forward pulsing techniques which are meant to just overwhelm his opponent. Also a great session for pressure Southpaw fighters. 

#40  Gen Hongthonglek - Muay Femeu Tactics & Mindset (70 min) watch it here 

The Muay Femeu (artful fighting) style is more than just a set of techniques, it's also a mindset and strategy of how to score, and how to score big. The warfare is not just in terms of damage, but of psychology, displaying dominance through skill and timing. Gen in this hour outlines how he likes to fight, and how he pulls off the biggest scores at the right time.

Full Library Archive - $10 Tier - the full archive of documentary videos is available to those that pledge $10 or more. Each month videos are added this full archive section will grow.  This includes everything above, and these below in this section.

#39  Khorat Saknarin - Precise Tensions (97 min) watch it here 

The muay of Kru Khorat is kind of incredible. I've been in front of a lot of legends and krus but this hidden gem kru was just bristling with techniques and a dynamic, violent Muay Thai. And it felt like it could go on for hours. He's a kru who has thought a lot about his Muay Thai and probably sharpened it even after his retirement from fighting. This session is a treasure trove.

#38 Sagat Petchyindee (part 2) - Maximum Damage (61 min) watch it here 

Such an anticipated session, part 2 of Sagat Petchyindee, the inspiration of the Sagat Street Fighter character. It's hard to believe, but he's even better in real life. In this session his continues to teach his "stay in your frame" method of bringing maximum efficiency and damage to striking. 

#37 Kongtoranee Payakaroon - Power In The Hands (89 min) watch it here 

5x Lumpinee Champion, 2x Fighter of the Year, Kongtoranee teaches the fundamental grounding of strikes that made him one of the most feared heavy-handed fighters in Thailand. Such economy of movement expresses the true beauty in his style, quite different than - but no less admirable - that of his young brother Samart. 

#36 General Tunwakom - Lertrit Military Muay (46 min) watch it here 

General Tunwakom is the last living direct student of the grandmaster who developed this Lertrit/Muay Khorat military style of fighting, designed to end exchanges quickly. Much can be learned from the foundations of these techniques, and these are definitely techniques that could be effective in the ring with proper timing.

#35 Yodsanan Sityodtong - Southpaw Tactics & Power (86 min) watch it here 

One of the biggest Knock Out artists Thailand has ever produced (46 KOs in 57 boxing wins), PABA and WBA World Champion Yodsanan teaches both the secrets to his devastating hook and a slick Muay Thai style from the left side.

#34 Samart Payakaroon - Balance, Balance, Balance! (81 min) watch it here 

Atop the tower of Muay Thai legends probably stands Samart. 3x Fighter of the Year, 4x Lumpinee Champion and WBC World Boxing Champion, no fighter more brilliantly showed what femeu fighting could do. In this session he shows the foundations of how to build true balance, the ultimate key to his fighting style.  

#33 Kru San Sitmonchai - Control of Pace & Distance when Advancing  (56 min) watch it here 

Kru San is a big man but has incredible muay, a lightness to his movement that he transforms into a jai yen advancing Muay Thai style. In this session it's all about. Creating pressure without rushing, using the teep to set up combinations to the body and head, raising ring awareness, and using weapons at the appropriate time in your opponent's fatigue.

#32 Visiting with Arjan Prahmod and Golden Age Nongkipahuyut Gym  (26 min) watch it here 

Not the usual Muay Thai Library session, but a treat for those who love historic Muay Thai. Arjan Prahmod created the 2nd most champions in the Golden Age after Arjan Yodtong, and all of them came out of the famed Nongkipahuyut gym in Nongki, Thailand. In this session Arjan along with a prized student shows techniques that not only won big stadium belt, but are more more rare these days. I also walk through the gym's Hall of Fame room. 

#31 Kru Daeng Kiatbusaba - Southpaw Dracula Guard  (64 min) watch it here 

This is a master class in how to install a specific system of attack and defense, from the ground up. In this case it's the Dracula Guard from Southpaw, a style of muay designed for advancing, forward fighters. Discover not only all the built-in advantages, but also watch an incredible instructor mould proper positioning through constant, but carefully modulated pressure.

#30 Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn 2 - Muay Khao Craft  (42 min) watch it here 

The greatest knee fighter who ever lived not only shares his secrets in ring tactics - how to draw out your opponent and then ultimately hem them in - and various closing and tripping techniques, he also shows his amazing heart. He's a Legend among Legends, the fighter without equal in the history of the sport.

#29 Pornsanae Sitmonchai - The Power of Hooks & Low Kicks (74 min) watch it here 

A whole system of low kick and hook attacks is taught in this one session. Rajadamnren and 2x Lumpinee Champion Pornsanae is known for his brutal power fighting and this is how he gets it done. Cutting angles, lead arm control, invading space. Pornsanae teaches his philosophy. 

#28 Jaroenthong Kiatbanchong - Femeu Muay Thai Hands (50 min) watch it here 

Super slick, 3x Lumpinee Champion Jaroenthong is considered one of the Yodmuay of the Golden Age, often pictured with Samart and Somrak as killers from that day. In this session he teaches how he marries great boxing hands with femeu footwork. 

#27 Karuhat Sor. Supawan - Tension & Kicking Dynamics (104 min) watch it here 

Karuhat, a fighter with perhaps the slickest style of any Golden Age great, shows the importance of tension, and patiently goes through correcting the kick, making it quicker and much harder to read.

#26 Sagat Petchyindee - Explosive Power (57 min) watch it here 

One of the great fighters in the history of Thailand, and the inspiration of the "Street Fighter" video game character, Sagat is like no other. Here he teaches how power has to come out of the ribs, and your frame, taking the shortest distance to your target, making sure your feet are constantly "organized".

#25 Luktum Sityodtong - Positioning and Trips (62 min) watch it here 

Tum is an active international Thai fighter raised out of the famed Sityodtong gym. He shows the importance of positioning and timing in this session with a fantastic lower body system of tripping attacks towards the end. His muay is both physically close, but also evasive and tactical.

#24 Kaensak Sor. Ploenjit - Explosive Defense (55 min) watch it here 

Kaensak, the 2 time Fighter of the Year, teaches the keys to his explosive, defensive first style, showing how training timing and open side tracking can produce powerful counters. This is blueprint to one of the most unique and admired fighters of the Golden Age.

#23 Boraphet Pinsinchai - Muay Khao Mastery (64 min) watch it here 

Kru Ten (Boraphet Pinsinchai) lives and breathes the Muay Khao fight style, and in this session just unfolds a treasure of interlocking techniques, all of which express what I would call his "sticky" style. Trips, counters, locks, elbows the list is extensive, almost too much to fit into an hour.

#22 Singdam Kiatmoo9 - Making the Basics Beautiful (71 min) watch it here 

Singdam provides perhaps the best progression through the basics I've yet filmed, the blueprint of his beautiful, effective style. This instruction is bottomless. Even after 5 years in Thailand there is a ton for me in this very close examination of powerful technique essentials. 

#21 Rambaa Somdet - Clinch Trips & Throws (34 min) watch it here 

Thailand's first MMA World Champion, and one of the most aggressive, stinging fighters to grace the ring shows his philosophy on how to handle the clinch, using quick attacks, lifts, body-weight shifts to upend an opponent often before they are set. Some of my favorite trips are in this.

#20 Karuhat Sor Supawan - Switching To Southpaw (144 min) watch it here 

2x Lumpinee Champion Karuhat Sor. Supawan in this epic video posts installs a limited Southpaw core which leads to developing high level ideas found in his switching style: tracking and attacking the open side, watching for and dictating weight transfer. This is the blueprint of a legend's acclaimed fighting style. 

#19 Attachai Fairtex - Timing and IQ (72 min) watch it here 

2x Lumpinee Champion Attachai Fairtex is one of the great femeu fighters of Thailand. Namsaknoi, himself an elite femeu fighter of legendary status called him his most difficult fight as he just was too hard to read. This is a window into that quality, and how to build it.

#18 Kru Wihok Skarbowsky Gym - Old School Flex (49 min) watch it here 

Kru Wihok is an old school femeu style trainer out of the Skarbowsky Gym in Bangkok (Jocky Gym). He's a former all-Asia boxing champion and teaches a brilliant flexing style that hearkens back to a Muay Thai before the Golden Age. 

#17 Burklerk PInsinchai - Dynamic Symmetry (82 min) watch it here 

Arjan Burklerk is a unique master of Muay Thai from the Golden Age, boasting one the highest win percentages in Thai history, and possessing a beautiful craft that harkens back to older styles of fighting with powerful, dynamic symmetry and control of space. 

#16 Thailand Pinsinchai - Attacking Shell (62 min) watch it here 

Former Lumpinee and Rajadamnern champion Thailand Pinsinchai teaches the beautiful framework for his attacking, elbowing style. Lots of minute corrections, small vital details that turn working techniques into dominance. You get the entire picture of a Muay Buek fighter out of the legendary Pinsinchai gym .

#15 Yodkhunpon "The Elbow Hunter" part 2 - Escapes  (48 min) watch it here 

Part 2 of my session with one of the most feared elbow fighters of the Golden Age, Yodkhunpon Sitraipom, The Elbow Hunter of 100 Stitches. Lots of fine details in this one, escapes from clinch locks, turns and catches. Best is his floating, gentle style that also holds such violence.

#14 Chatchai Sasakul - Perfecting Hands (106 min) watch it here 

Former WBC world boxing champion at Flyweight, and winner of Best Coach of the Year in Thailand, Chatchai in this nearly 2 hours of video makes micro adjustment after micro adjustment, honing in pristine technique in the basic strikes of boxing, for use in Muay Thai. It's all about weight transfer.

#13 Kem Sitsongpeenong - Building a System (52 min) watch it here 

Kem, one of the best fighters of his generation, shows me building blocks of his system. He teaching a firm, defensive frame, and especially likes an upward elbow that explodes out of blocks, checks and fake teeps.

#12 Andy Thomson - Mad Scientist of Muay Thai  (56 min) watch it here 

Andy is absolutely unique in the lore of Thailand Muay Thai. An instructor for more than 2 decades, a mentor to so many, he innovatively teaches a Muay Thai emphasizing symmetry, strength, balance and explosiveness, expanding what the body can do under duress, holding pads like no others do.

#11 Karuhat Sor. Supawan Session 2 - Float and Shock (82 min) watch it here 

In this session one of the greatest fighters who ever lived really digs into what must lie beneath techniques, a general state of relaxation and rhythm, the thing that made him one of the most dynamic fighters Lumpinee has ever seen.

#10 The Clinch Techniques of Yodwicha - Session 2 (34 min) watch it here 

This is my second session with Yodwicha, you can see the first further down below. This one really gets into the specifics of clinch technique and defense. One of the best clinch fighters in Thailand, co-Fighter of the Year, sharing his unique attack style.

#9 Yodkhunpon "The Elbow Hunter" pt 1  - Slicing Elbow (37 min) watch it here 

Simultaneous Raja and Luminee title holder at 118 lbs, Yodkhunpon was one of the most feared elbow fighters in Thailand, and in this session he teaches the looseness and spacing that made his lead elbow such a viscious weapon. He also shuns the traditional rocking chair knee, and instead teaches a powerful stand-in crossing, open-hipped knee that compliments his elbows up top.

#8 Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj - Advanced Clinch (52 min) watch it here 

The Golden Age Lumpinee and Rajadamnern Champion, a legendary Muay Khao fighter who fought all the greats instructs on the finer points of clinch technique. Small differences that make big differences. Advanced tips on the swim-in and turn, and the importance of going from long distance techniques to short distance grab and lock.

#7 Karuhat Sor. Supawan - Be Like Sand (62 min) watch it here 

2x Golden Age Lumpinee Champion (112 lb and 122 lbs), Karuhat is considered elite among the elites. Mixing an explosive style with constant off-balances, angling, and melting aways, he was nicknamed the Ultimate Wizard. I can only describe the things he's teaching here as: Be like sand. This is very subtle, advanced stuff, far above combo techniques or specific defenses. It may take a few viewings to absorb what he is teaching. Everytime I watch this I learn something new.

#6 Namkabuan Nongkipahuyut - Explosive Attack (28 min) watch it here 

 266 wins, 15 losses, 2 draws.  Namkabuan may be the best fighter I've ever seen, and it was an intense privledge to train with him. I can honestly say that it changed me as a fighter, inspiring to become more. He combines Muay Khao fighting with technical precision and explosive energy. The knee he teaches in this session is really like no other I've seen, like it is shot out of a cannon. 

#5 Hippy Singmanee - Developing Power (69 min) - watch it here 

Two-time Lumpinee champion Golden Age legend Hippy Singmanee takes me though one of the most unique and valuable hours I've spent with a top trainer. He is building ground up how power and relaxation are related to each other. This session has been highly influential upon my own training. Learn how spacing+timing+relaxation produces dynamic power.

#4 Yodwicha - Clinch and Muay Khao (Knee) Specialist (35 min) - watch it here 

Yodwich shared the Fighter of the Year award as only a 16 year old, and his success in the Lumpinee ring made him one of the most feared clinch fighters in Thailand. In this session he goes through his favorite Muay Khao techniques, shows why he prefers side-attack locks, and turns. 

#3 Dieselnoi  Chor Thanasukarn  - The King of Knees (54 min) - watch it here 

Dieselnoi is the greatest knee fighter who ever lived, and it just wasn't because of his height. Spending this hour with him lets you feel how much love and energy he pours into his Muay Thai, even at this age, the real secret to what make him dominant in the Golden Age of the sport. There is nobody like Dieselnoi. Nobody.

#2 Joe Hongthong - Developing Muay Khao Style (87 min) - watch it here 

This is nearly an hour and a half of straight on Muay Khao instruction. Joe was a top stadium fighter and he's watched me fight for several years, so this is Advanced Level tweaking, as he teaches how to bring elbows and knees together, discussing the ways that dragging back can work for a forward fighter, and the differences with more technical (femur) approaches. Muay Khao is a technique unto itself.

#1 Pi Earn - Head Trainer of PTT Petchrungruang (34 min) - watch it here  

PTT is the rising star of my gym Petchrungruang. He was so sought after he turned down title fights at Lumpinee and Rajadamnern and instead signed with Thai Fight where promoters feel he's going to become an International star. Pi Earn has been a trainer who has sculpted PTT's methodical Muay Khao fighting style, and in this session he starts right away making the tiny changes in my technique that are necessary for the strong, forward fighting approach that he favors. 

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Bonus Material: Pledges of $5 or more Get Immediate Access to Bonus Sessions

Not only do $5 pledges give you access to the the 20 most recent sessions, it opens up bonus session footage. Bonus sessions are more free flowing sessions that may not have the same coherence of instruction as regular Muay Thai Library sessions, but they are full of gold, and come with my audio commentary. Their written posts are also more brief.

Bonus Session 9: Yodkhupon Sittraipum - Lethal Smoothness (73 min) watch it here 

In this session Yodkhunpon really delves down into the smoothness of his style, with great emphasis on his galloping footwork towards the end. It's all about building a pressure style that does not strain, but rather exerts a constant music of forward attack.

Bonus Session 8: Yodkhunpon Sittraipum - Scissoring Elbows & Knees | 68 min watch it here 

This is a great session with The Elbow Hunter, teaching his incredible Elbow and Knee Muay Khao pressure style. There is tons in this session, but a big part of it is watching how as a southpaw fighter you use the lead closed-side elbow and then the open side knee (or cross) in tandem.   

Bonus Session 7: Karuhat Sor. Supawan - Forward Check | 39 min - watch it here  

In this session Karuhat teaches his beautiful and unique Forward Check, and the system of attacks that flow out of it in his fighting style.  You can read my detailed post in the Forward Check here. This check, aggressively from Southpaw, versus Orthodox fighters eats up space closes distance, effectively deal with one of the primary weaknesses of Southpaw attack.

Bonus Session 6: Yodkhunpon Sittraipum Front Side Attack | 77 min - watch it here 

Yodkhunpon is the Elbow Hunter of 100 Stitches and in this session he shows a front side attack system, especially effective in standard vs standard, southpaw vs southpaw matchups, drilling the open side until your power side can finish. Lots of little elbow techniques also shown. 

Bonus Session 5: Chatchai Sasakul Southpaw Hands | 52 min - watch it here 

Chatchai's stance and striking system is not only ideal for boxing - he was  the WBC Flyweight World Champion in 1997 - it instills a basic weight transfer balance that can dramatically improve your Muay Thai. Watch it being installed on me for the first time from the Southpaw stance. 

Bonus Session 4: Hippy Singmanee Ultra Violence | 30 min - watch it here 

Hippy is all about building power and aggression in strikes. In this session he really tries to create a conversation of violence in our padwork, and then in our light sparring he teaches elbows with incredible fluidity and invasive power.

Bonus Session 3:  Joe Hongthongnoi Mid-Clinch | 44 min - watch it here 

Joe teaching Muay Khao fighting philosophy through loose sparring incorporating important principles for how to handle the mid- and low-clinch.

Bonus Session 2:  Sor. Kamsing Techniques | 37 min - watch it here 

These are the techniques of the the Sor. Kamsing gym in Bangkok, the gym of legendary fighter Somrak. The gym's head trainer and another ex-fighter show me their femeu style.

Bonus Session 1:  Karuhat Sor. Supawan | Advanced Switching Footwork | 60 min  - watch it here  

This is a beautiful session in which Karuhat expands on his switching style, having moved me from standard to southpaw in a previous session. 

Bonus Session:  The Importance of Building a Frame | 32 min - watch it here

This is a session I had with fighter Kate Allen-Cottone where I explain to her the importance of building a frame in clinching. 

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4 Legends Seminar - Bangkok April 2018 (1 hr 20 min)

Muay Thai Library legends Karuhat, Chatchai, Namkabuan and Dieselnoi were in seminar on two days instructing students from around the world. This is an hour and twenty minute video edit of a first-of-its-kind seminar in Bangkok. watch it here 

To find your way around, you can also go to the homepage under "Posts" and filter all the content by type. Every tag with "MTL" is a Muay Thai Library session. You can search only "Muay Femeu", or sessions that include elbows, or clinch, or just for "Hidden Gem Krus" (lesser know, but brilliant krus often offering up seldom seen techniques).

The Story of My Documentary Project - Preserve the Legacy

In the past I have filmed private sessions with some of the greatest fight names in Thailand: legends like Sagat, Dieselnoi, Yodkhunpon, Rambaa, Namkabuan, Karuhat and Burklerk. I've now brought this approach to my Patreon supporters: long form, largely uncut training videos with commentary and analysis, recording the in-depth technique and ring strategy that is often missing in shorter, technique demos. You get to watch training unfold as if you yourself are taking the private, thinking along with me as I try to learn each technique and philosophical approach. As a Muay Khao fighter many of these videos will have some emphasis on clinch and knee attacks, simply because there is very little out there on this and it is a personal focus; but they will not be exclusively so. There are many amazing femeu fighters included in this project as these represent some of the heights of the art and sport. This is an effort to capture of all approaches I can find, it is a multi-year documentary project that hopes to include perhaps over 100 instructors, recording in detail the great techniques of Thailand, and you get to follow along and learn as it is being filmed and posted. By supporting this project you not only get to learn month by month from newly published video commentary, you make it happen.

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