Much ado about nothing
I guess this means I'm getting obsessed about racing as the season nears.

Last night I had a dream about Texas World Speedway, the two-mile track near College Station that hasn't hosted a major race since 1981. The track is virtually identical to Michigan Speedway, which was also built in 1969. Recently it was in the news because thousands of cars damaged in the Texas floods were deposited there.

On the one hand, the dream was vivid. On the other hand, the Texas World Speedway of the dream had little in common with the one that still lies, falling apart and rusting. I visited it after stopping by Tony Stewart's home in the Hill Country. Tony wasn't there, which made sense since he doesn't own a home in Texas.

In the dream, the track had huge grandstands built of rocks. It wasn't full of damaged cars. It was full of shards of glass, and I spent some time sitting in the pebbled grandstands picking glass out of my feet, which, inexplicably, wasn't that painful.

The track was overgrown, with grass growing through the surface, and, as the photograph above shows, that's authentic. I pulled up, parked my car, slipped through an old gate, and walked through jagged glass in bare feet because, for some reason, I wasn't wearing shoes.

I've never been to that part of Texas before, but I have been fascinated by the track, which had financial problems from the start. Benny Parsons won the last major NASCAR race run there. Richard Petty won 200 races, but only one was in the final race of a season, and that was at TWS in 1972. He also won his first race in a Dodge there in 1971. The King won three of the eight TWS races. A.J. Foyt won four of the track's 10 Indy-car races but never in a stock car.

Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic was held there in 1974. Robert Earl Keen's car burned in the infield. A picture of the burning car is on the cover of his album "Picnic," which I own.

If you become a patron of my writing, I doubt I'll ever write a NASCAR blog about a dream, but it's quite possible that some NASCAR official will write about one of my blogs that I must be dreaming.