A much needed Non-Break :)
As you may have noticed, I've somewhat unplugged myself over the last few weeks from live streaming and most of social media. I found that I just needed some peace and quiet to work on my game. The good new is that it payed off really well. I've managed to do a ton of improvements to the actual game engine system as well as implement a new battle engine. On the art side I've been busy creating characters and a yet another rig system... I know it's like the fifth one, hehe.  But I'm going into this for long term so I much rather do a lot of trial and error at the start in order to feel confident going forward with my production. Anyhow, I have a very good feeling about the possibility of a first ever playable battle by the end of the year. Probably with in the next month if thing go well, but I do want to give myself some buffer time just in case. My patreons will be the first to get their hands on the battle sequence to test how it handles and hit me back with any feedback.

 Thank you for your support.  More to come soon!