Muda! Muda! Muda!
Ahoy pals and gals: we got ourselves some updates, friends.

Blood Sun Vendetta

Test scene assets are almost completed. Dorito Meatbag's excellent work is coming close to end. Which will leave, additional asset edits, coloring, shading, backgrounds, animation effects, and final video effects. There will also be some audio editing (replacing of voices and sounds, as well as balancing).

While waiting on those assets, I've been boarding Episode 1 of BSV. The script is in good shape, but as you might guess, the script still requires visual translation, which is where a chunk of time will be going, and ultimately why the boards will be so important.



While the board for episode 1 and the test scene are underway, there's two t-shirts being finalized. The first, you've seen a few times (the Gun-Trio of Mista, Foo Fighters, and Johnny). The second is a shirt to celebrate JoJo: Part 5. 

The above pic of the shirts is not the design we're going with, but photos from the printer showing us that can indeed print full shirt designs. What I'll be aiming for is something more like this:

In the meantime, I'm also workin on auditions and the SleepyCabin trivia stream (listening to episodes and gathering questions). I'm writing on some more MASHED content, but that's a on the side and hasn't put a dent in our productivity.

JoJo Nights and Movie Nights

As a reminder, our lil gang on Discord watches JoJo on Thursday's at 6pm PST (USA). We're currently up to Part 4 (just started). And we do often have movie nights with regulars looking to chill and chat and watch random shows and movies.

That's it! I'll catch you guys on the server or anywhere else online <3