Mueller Delivered Uranium To Russians In 2009 "Secret Tarmac Meeting"
For all the talk about Trump colluding with the Russians, something that has now been thoroughly discredited, many have forgotten that Russian collusion has indeed been going on. Only it’s been done by the Clintons. And a new WikiLeaks cable shows that in addition to the ‘Uranium One’ deal that resulted in Russian control of 20% of our uranium and millions flowing to the Clinton foundation, Hillary Clinton in her capacity as Secretary of State, has also conducted similar under the table deals, and guess who else was involved? That's right; special counsel Robert Mueller. You can't even make this stuff up!

In the following video, Today’s Yellow Snow (formerly Right Wing News) looks at the details of the leaked cable, which involved Clinton’s secret directive to then FBI Director Robert Mueller to discreetly return confiscated highly enriched uranium to the Russians. The uranium had been confiscated in a nuclear smuggling sting operation in Georgia. Interestingly, the handover between Mueller and the Russians happened on an airport tarmac; does this sound familiar to anyone?