Multicam Video - When I Drink Whiskey
Hi hello!I wanted to share a video with you that I've been working on editing. The song is called "When I Drink Whiskey" and it's probably the most country song I've ever written. I mean, just look at the title. Anywho, this was recorded the same day as the previous videos (as you can see by the background and my outfit), but we did multiple takes for the video of this one and I believe it's got a little bit of background vocals on it. 

Anywho, my co-writer on this song (who also co-wrote In the Field from my Nothin' Civil album), Renee Wahl, has put this on her upcoming album which will be out September 30th. I'm super excited to hear what she did with it. 

Without further ado, here are the lyrics!


P.S. MY new album is coming along. YAY :-)

When I Drink Whiskey 

Written by Renee Wahl and Aubryn Stevens

I've been careful not to think about you
And I keep the door locked on the cabinet in the cellar
'Cause I know that if I didn't I'd be drinkin' and my tears would keep fallin'
And I'd end up in some stranger's room drowning memories of you
And when I drink whiskey I make bad decisions
Oh, and trust me, I don't need help making those
I've been doing all I can, it's callin' me again
And I can't seem to keep this key hidden
When I drink whiskey, I make bad decisions

You used to come home always later than you should've
And you'd wreak of liquor oh and some other woman's perfume
So I finally packed a bag and had the strength to walk away from you darlin'
But you showed up on my door step beggin' love me one last time

(Repeat Chorus)

...and I can't go back again
But bourbon always lets you in

(Repeat Chorus)

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