A Multidimensional Perspective: If Your Motherland Was Invaded, What Would You Do...?




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extended foreword:  Vladimir Putin Shocks the West: The Munich Betrayal and The Real Lessons of the 75th Anniversary of World War II! 

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I couldn't pass up these questions, since we are discussing WWII, Russia's true role and forbidden history. Here's Lada Ray's HIGHER-DIMENSIONAL view! What I'll say will open your eyes and help your soul grow, if you are willing to see the truth! 

This spontaneous, unplanned article is continuing our Victory75 marathon. Some serious moral, ethical, existential and higher-dimensional questions addressed in response to two comments I found timely and poignant.

This discussion is a follow-up of this article:  Vladimir Putin Shocks the West: The Munich Betrayal and The Real Lessons of the 75th Anniversary of World War II! 


1. Often I have asked myself: what would I do if I was in that situation? Would I fight and kill? Or would I run away? Can killing under certain circumstances be justified from a spiritual point of view? I do not like the idea, but if everyone did nothing - the consequence, according to you Lada, would be a "globalist world ruled by the Dark Nazi State", which sounds much worse for the planet.

2. A reply by another member: Excellent question. When is violence justified? When I watched the video of kin domain/dacha people doing their thing, just living their lives, I thought for just a second about all the people it takes to protect them from the West's insatiable desire to destroy exactly these people. 





Re. choices: running rather than fighting and other moral dilemmas.

I can see how all this may make one uncomfortable. And I can see how this may seem complicated, sitting in the comforts of our modern and peaceful homes. But friends, please let's put all this in perspective! It's not some ancient, irrelevant to today story. This is our common, not so distant past we are talking about. OUR MOTHERS, FATHERS, GRANDMOTHERS AND GRANDFATHERS WITNESSED OR TOOK PART IN THOSE EVENTS! They lived it!

As an excellent example, please read my essay: Russian & American: A Remarkable Tale of Two Centenarian Ladies & Today’s Situation in Perspective! ~ LADA RAY ESSAY 

I have to admit, the first comment above made me feel a bit sad and uneasy. My best advice: don't pretend that you are separate or have nothing to do with it. Own up to it! We all should do that. Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. And those who aren't reasonable and balanced about it, tend to create even more historic havoc through falsifications for political gain. This is why the re-writes of history are so easy: because people think their own continent/country/people's history is separate and has nothing to do with their today's lives. It's called 'denial.' And denial happens due to unwillingness to see and make peace with uncomfortable truths. 

It's sad that even smart and educated people have suffered a confused view of history due to pervasive neoliberal upbringing and the collective Western refusal to see the reality for what it is. That's what's causing today's amnesia, leading to frequent falsifications! 

And you all know where that usually leads to, if you have ever listened to my Forbidden History webinars! In short, it leads to lies piled up on top of more lies, and it creates a fertile ground for manipulations, justifications of atrocities, brainwashing and reversing polarities. In the end it results in many people feeling there is no truth and justice in the world, which in turn generates revolts, revolutions and free-for-all anarchy. As we are observing today... 

Humans are so good at manipulating history and suppressing the truth that they get confused and spooked by their own shadows. One warped version of history usually gets replaced by another, even more warped. Again, as we are observing today in the US and EU. Just look at the BLM movement and their demands to annul the US constitution, re-write the Confederate history, deny Christianity and topple all monuments. In Washington DC we've had a veritable monument demolition derby: since yesterday they toppled not only Confederate monuments, but also the monument to General Grant, leader of the Army of the North, which actually liberated slaves. Grant later became a US president. They also demolished the statue of Miguel Servantes, author of Don Quixote, who himself at one point was a slave and who denounced slavery. All because they were 'not black' and they thought Servantes was 'Spanish conquistador.' They never heard of his immortal work. In the UK they destroyed the statues of Cromwell and some others. All this comes from extreme ignorance, terrible education, low IQ, low calibrations and low soul level. And of course, from neoliberal brainwashing leading to anarchy and desire to destroy. Yes, we need a more fair and egalitarian society, yes, we are in the midst of the Earth Shift. But it's not an excuse to loot, steal, cause mayhem and lie. 

What is happening today in the West is the anticipated and predicted Inverted Collapse and karmic payback for past misdeeds that finally is beginning to catch on. Watch my future timeline very closely, because it's just the beginning! SEE ESW2, ESW3, ESW4; the new, more detailed timeline and info are coming in ESW14! To find all webinars, go to LadaRay.com and click on WEBINARS tab.

I digressed into the most recent example in order to give you a perspective on the forbidden history re-writes and how easily they happen when consciousness and educational levels are low, while emotions run high, and when ignorant masses are manipulated. 

Now, let's return to WWII, the facts of the Great Patriotic War, USSR and Russian people.

I do not presume to judge the past from today's perspective, and I caution you against it. I reject and abhor violence as much as the next person, maybe more. But today, we have an easy choice: to participate in it or not. We live very pampered lives, compared to what our parents and grandparents went through. 

 The people of Russia and Ukraine HAD ZERO CHOICE in 1941!! There is no graceful or peaceful solution when relentless aggression and destruction are imposed on you from abroad and the only thing you can do to avoid complete annihilation is fight back! Both Putin and I explained in great detail that Stalin and the USSR tried every venue imaginable to stop the war. But it happened, despite their best efforts. In that case, would you shrivel up and die, or heroically rise to defend your land and your people? 

I hope you read and watched my other pieces on Patreon and FT, where I explained what the Soviet/Russian people went through. It's not hard to understand, if you pay attention. Although, I can only imagine how warped the education has been in the West, especially in Europe, if people cannot get it. 

There were also many decent films made in Russia and the US, which show you what went on. It's worth watching at least a few of them, if it's so hard to grasp the reality of that situation otherwise. I have a few links on FT: see tab RUSSIA - go to Russian Films https://futuristrendcast.wordpress.com/russia/russian-films/.

I wish I had more time to select more good films for you. But our Stanislav @ stanislavs.org has many excellent materials and translations, including documentaries and articles, which will show you the light!

Stanislav and I are gentle and positive souls. We feel uncomfortable and avoid telling you most of the gruesome details of atrocities committed by invaders. Perhaps this is why some cannot grasp how bad it was. Your governments whitewash their sins and reverse polarities, to paint the victim of aggression - Russia - as a villain. And many of you fall for it! 

But just do an internet search to find out how an elderly Russian general Karbyshev was tortured - in the winter he was hosed down repeatedly with cold water naked outdoors, until he died. All because he refused to collaborate with German Nazis. How they carved UNBORN BABIES out of pregnant women's bellies, while they were still alive; how they made lampshades out of people's skins. Should I go on? If really curious, read the materials of the NUREMBERG TRIBUNAL - freely available in public domain and online! You'll learn a lot of new and interesting things about your 'civilized' fellow Europeans. And you may earn a few nightmares and gray hairs in the process. 

The Nuremberg Tribunal was the benchmark that established what constituted a war crime. Since then, the West committed many new cynical war crimes and the WWII lessons that once made seasoned soldiers cry, have been conveniently forgotten.  

There truly seems to be very little interest in this subject in today's West, very little understanding and even worse, a total disconnect from reality. This even began happening in Russia, and it happened in part in Ukraine. This worrying disconnect is the result - sorry to sound like a broken record - of the screwed up Western neoliberal upbringing and education. They reversed polarities and brainwashed people so successfully that many got a true mayhem and confusion inside their heads. And we are talking events that happened only 75-80 years ago! There are still people alive who had witnessed them! What can be said about earlier history? 

All I can say - remember my webinars! As some of you wrote in recent comments (THANK YOU!), those webinars were released 3-4 years ago, but they are more relevant today than ever! It's a good idea to review them now - and trust me, you'll understand even more in several years, so keep tabs and review them later, too!


and equally relevant to this discussion:  ESW6: THE PUTIN ENIGMA

and here's all of Series 1: EARTH SHIFT & GREAT REBALANCING 

(To remind those who are new: Series 1 and 2 are on biggest ever sale for those who buy one or more of the new Series 3 webinars!)


As to trying to imagine what you'd do if you were in that situation... Empathy and compassion is when you don't need to imagine yourself in that kind of situation. It's when you can understand what other people are going through, like it's happening to you.

The warped and rotten to the core neolib European education, based on individualism and 'what's in it for me,' has played a nasty trick on many people. American system is just as guilty, but now I see that the American way of thinking is still more realistic, and quite and bit more informed. And I can't believe the words are coming out of my mouth, but the truth is the truth! American perspective is still saner and healthier, and it seems more people are awake in the US!

Also, I like what the second commenter is saying - some very good understanding of the real truth here. However, I still see a little problem: "when is violence justified"?.. Sure, this dilemma was a part of the equation for the peaceful people everywhere at the time. But when you have to defend your motherland and push the uninvited invaders out, who are killing and destroying everything in sight, would you really think if your response is justified? 

Would you think, "Am I violent enough or too much? Should I scale down my violence, because god forbid I'll hurt a nice, sweet invader, who just killed my family?" 

Or would you think: "How can I best and fastest get rid of these devils, who are exterminating and torturing my people, burning my cities and villages, looting precious art and stealing my compatriots, who are taken to Germany as slaves? How can I fastest liberate my land and restore peace? How can I bring these criminals to justice and ensure they can never do it again?" 

And even then, the humanity and compassion towards Germans and others by Russians was above and beyond. Millions of German soldiers and generals RETURNED BACK HOME after being POWs in Russia! They received a thousand times more mercy than general Karbyshev and 27 millions of Russians, Soviets, Ukrainians and Belorussians! Just during the first 6 months of war Nazi Germans, western Ukro-Nazis and others KILLED or starved to death, by estimates, at least 2-3 million Soviet POWs, most of them Russians and Ukrainians! I did write about this in April-May and even showed a factual video on FT. Is the difference really that hard to understand?

Or is it hard to understand that Nazi Germans considered Russians and all Slavs 'an inferior race?' Or is it too shameful of a page in a very recent European history that needs to be swept under the rug? The Jews and Gypsies were placed even lower on the Nazi scale and were targeted for complete extermination, called the 'final solution.' 

 Untermensch (German pronunciation: [ˈʔʊntɐˌmɛnʃ] ( listen), underman, sub-man, subhuman; plural: Untermenschen) is a Nazi term for non-Aryan "inferior people" often referred to as "the masses from the East", that is Jews, Roma, and Slavs (Poles, Serbs, Russians, etc.). Untermensch - Wikipedia

So, being Danish, or British, or American, or French maybe it's hard to grasp that THEY PLANNED TO EXTERMINATE ALL OF US, MY FAMILY INCLUDED! 

As I was saying, compassion and empathy is when you can put yourself in someone else's shoes... Try it - it's a very good higher-dimensional practice! Trust me, good for your soul!

About reversing polarities and justifying Nazi atrocities: I recently saw an exchange on YT. Someone was saying that RUSSIANS INVADED BERLIN DURING WWII (!) and raped millions of German women. I already addressed this stupid 'rape' thing and I won't explain again how and why a deliberate lie was embedded in many people's psyche. A Russian user replied that Germans raped 10 million Russian women. (Not sure how true that is - I haven't seen this statistics, but it's plausible. I have seen accounts of how people were hiding in cellars their daughters for months and even years, to save them from rape by invaders from the West.) Do you know what a response by that stuck up 'European' was? So what, he said, 10 million Russian women raped - big deal! Russians raped 20 MILLION GERMAN WOMEN!  If this is the level of consciousness and education - not to mention the IQ - of the German society, then I feel really sorry for Germany and Europe! That person couldn't even figure out that IN 1945 THERE WERE 65 MILLION PEOPLE LIVING IN ALL OF GERMANY! AND THE USSR OCCUPIED ONLY 1/4 OF IT, WITH THE POPULATION OF ABOUT 15 MILLION OF BOTH MEN AND WOMEN, INCLUDING BABIES! Maybe it's the British, Americans and French who occupied the other 3/4, who raped those 20 million?.. But let's blame Russians, regardless?.. Or those who spread these lies just invented the whole thing to whitewash and justify their own sins by pretending to be poor victims?.. 

This data is from Reddit: The German population had been nearly 80 million in 1939 and it was about 65 million (both Germanys) in 1946, but this number could be heavily disputed. In 1950 the newly founded West Germany had about 51 million people. With 4 million more women than men. The GDR was trailing with about 18 million people.

The GDR territory and population equaled the Russian occupation zone!

And now, I'll give you an exercise! Just imagine the following, and then look into your heart! Picture it as if it were your own family and tell me what you'd do then!

The invasion of the USSR began at 4 am on June 22 - by the way, when people slept, so to kill as many as possible. And at 4 am they already BOMBED KIEV! Look at the map: where is the USSR border and where is Kiev! 

Can you imagine waking up at 4 am on June 22, 1941, in Kiev, deep into the Russian/Soviet territory, when school just ended and you are looking forward to your summer vacation with the kids... and instead seeing buildings burn and people die? 

How would you feel? And would you run away when all of your family is dead and the city bombed into oblivion? Would you betray your people, your family, to save yourself? 

And where would you run if they are relentlessly invading your country, advancing fast deeper and deeper, burning your village or city, and killing your kin? And if you let them continue advancing, they'll destroy everything you hold dear?  

Perhaps you can't imagine it from the nice Germans? Or nice anyone else from Europe, because, as was said, there were many divisions from other countries of Europe, who wanted a piece of the fertile Russian or Ukrainian land! I have not looked very deep into this, as this subject truly disgusts me, but please check out the freely available data online and I am pretty confident you'll find that there was some sort of 'Viking division' from Denmark and/or Scandinavia, as part of the Nazi invasion. By the way, do you know who defended the last bastion, the Berlin Reichstag, until the unconditional Nazi army's surrender on May 2, 1945? The infamous French Charlemagne division - not Germans!

Perhaps it's harder to understand it if you are not Russian. You have to have the Great Balancer blood in you to truly get it that there was no place to retreat and that without Russia there is no world as we know it, at least in today's sense. 

Look, from a higher dimensional perspective, one day, a very long time from now, this may change and the world could potentially become so well balanced on its own that it won't need the Great Balancer. There was a time in the Earth's forbidden and forgotten history when that was the case. It's a beautiful dream for an absolutely different kind of world and a completely different level of consciousness than the one we have today. 

But today we have what we have and we live in the world we live in. 

Some Russians also tried to choose the way of 'seeing no evil,' only to find they were targeted for destruction anyway. The famous 1941 saying was: "Russia is vast but there is no place to retreat, Moscow is behind us." This phrase was coined by one of the defenders of Moscow, according to legend. The meaning is sacral in Russia to this day.  

To conclude: not everyone was suited for, or needed to go to the front - or even could. There were those whose health wasn't good enough. You might have been a member of the creative or technical intelligencia, unfit for fighting and better served as purveyor of inspiring films or songs, as translator, encoder, administrator, or engineer. But among those many still enlisted as volunteers, despite often being rejected. 

There were also plenty of people who had work exceptions, who were important and needed specialists. I had people like that in my family and I had those who went to the front, to never come back. Those who had a job exemption were sent to work in factories and universities in the Urals and Siberia, to produce weapons for the front or develop new weapons designs. Some of the police were also exempt as they were needed to maintain law and order, while many policemen still left to the front as volunteers. 

What the USSR pulled off between 1941 and 1945 was such a massive miracle that it can only be explained by TWO OUT OF THIS WORLD FACTORS! I told you both in The Putin Enigma!

And one more confession - how I personally feel! I always consult and help others with how they feel. But let me tell you - and this happens very rarely - how I feel!

Frankly, when I hear the words such as, "could I kill" or "is violence justified" in regards to those events, I cringe - a rare occurrence for me. There is a small percentage of people in Russia as well, who had suggested in the 1900s-2000s that 'Leningrad should have been surrendered and given to Germans on a platter to avoid so many people dying from starvation during siege.' Such people are looked at in Russia as traitors - and Western subersives. And I can truly understand how Russians feel! That logic is the same philosophy that led to the Kiev Maidan in 2014 and to the desecration of monuments to Soviet soldiers in Poland, Ukraine and Czechia. 

And for desert! 

In 1941 the Queen of England asked several different advisors to estimate how long the USSR would hold its own against Hitler's troops. At the time, the Soviet army only began modernizing, and some of the troops still were the outdated horse- mounted cavalry; Russia had very few good tanks, outdated aviation and artillery. The Nazi Germany had the world's most sophisticated tanks, jets and state of the art artillery. As I was telling you in my recent articles, the entire Europe was working for the German army, producing new arms daily. And the US bankers and manufacturers helped out a lot. The USSR had no one to help. 

One advisor said the USSR would fall within a week, another gave it 2 weeks, and the third said the USSR would hold its own for 2 months or longer - and that was the winner. Their best estimate was the USSR would survive for 2 months, while not a single one of them doubted Hitler's troops would take over the USSR easily and that they would be parading on Red Square soon. 

By the end of 1941 the attack against Moscow was deflected and the first battle of the Great Patriotic War won. In 1942 the course of war was reversed near Stalingrad. By 1943 Russia built a massive number of the famous T-34 tanks, which beat the famed German tanks, and the new Russian jets were as good or better than German. By 1944 Russians liberated all of their territory and began the liberation of Poland, which caused a massive panic in Washington and London. The US an UK suddenly realized they must enter the war on the continent in order to claim its spoils, before it's too late. Previous Stalin's requests for the allies help were always denied, yet suddenly, when the USSR didn't need any help, the allies were all over Europe. In May of 1945, despite the fact that it were Russian/Soviet soldiers who took Berlin, Stalin agreed to divide Berlin between four parties, including the French. To that, one of the German generals said sarcastically: 'And to those we lost, too?' France was occupied by the German army without much effort in the beginning of war. 

So, why do Russians never allow their country to be invaded and why in the end they always win? The answer I think is obvious: Russia the Great Balancer is desperately needed in our imbalanced world, and that's why she is fully protected by higher forces! Russia gets divine help and the help from Mother Earth for as long as the Russian people are on the side of good. The Russian well of talent and resources is truly bottomless. This is part of the explanation of the magical turnaround between 1941 and 1942-43. No one, absolutely no one, in those days could have predicted the USSR/Russia's absolute win in 1945.

Another - and very elegant - explanation is my Theory of Periods! The Periods switched in 1944 from Period 4 to Period 5, and that made all the difference, giving more energy and advantage to Russia! How and why? I'll tell you in Webinar 14!



This post is extra. It is an extension of the previous double article: Vladimir Putin's essay and Lada Ray's extended foreword:  Vladimir Putin Shocks the West: The Munich Betrayal and The Real Lessons of the 75th Anniversary of World War II! 

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And - Posted on FT: Full Red Square Parade Dedicated to 75th Anniversary of Great Victory in WWII, June 24, 2020, Moscow + My commentary!


The 75th WWII Victory anniversary concert was held in the evening of June 24 in a highly unusual setting, on Mamayev Kurgan, Volgograd – former Stalingrad. This is an incredible by its impact memorial complex, dedicated to heroes of the battle of Stalingrad.

“To Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad” at Mamayev Kurgan 

 Mamayev Kurgan is a dominant height overlooking the city of Volgograd in Southern Russia. The name in Russian means “tumulus of Mamai”. The formation is dominated by a memorial complex commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad. Wikipedia 

Mother Russia Calls, Mamayev Kurgan’s dominant monument – world’s one of a kind. And yes, this giant statue is carved out of stone, as is the entire complex:

Other monuments on Mamayev Kurgan:

The main concert of the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII has been held with this spectacular backdrop!

I’ll share it on FT when it is released.

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I'll be taking a few days off from posting, to work on my next webinar - ESW14

ESW14 is COMING SOON - stay tuned! 

As you see, I've published some unplanned, spontaneous pieces, which I deemed important at this time! I hope you found them beneficial! 

I have a number of planned and very interesting articles that are awaiting publication on Patreon. I also promised you some written trends and predictions, as patron-only supplements for Webinars 11-14! I haven't forgotten and I'll get back to them - they need reconciliation and editing. I'll make them available to you as soon as I am able, after I finish and release ESW14! 

Frankly, I also need a break and I would like to take some time off in July and August. I'll keep you all appraised of my schedule! THANKS EVERYONE!

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