Multiple releases this week!
We didn't get a raw released last week, because our usual recording night was Dan's mother-in-law's 70th birthday. To make up for that, we've got several shows coming out this week.

Tonight, Dan will record a solo episode. The raw will be posted to Patreon immediately, and the edited version will be this week's general release.

Tomorrow night, we'll be doing a regular recording with the raw getting posted on Patreon Tuesday or Wednesday night. The edited version will be next week's general release.

Finally, we have a recording of session zero of a Skies of Glass campaign. This is not the same as the AP listed as a milestone on Patreon. Among other things, it's not live streamed, nor does it include some of the people I want for that project. So if we hit that milestone, a separate set of live shows will still be coming.

I'll be posting the raw recording and some supporting scans of the group template and some other documents to backers at all levels (yes, including $1). I want to test the waters with a smaller set of listeners. If it gets a good response, then we'll start adding the content to a public feed for everyone. It won't be the same feed as our regular show—since not everyone wants an AP—but it will still be something available to backers and non-backers alike.

A subset of the behind-the-scenes and crowd-sourced portions of the game (discussions, polls, documents, etc) will remain Patreon-exclusive, with a subset of that going just to the $15+ backers out of respect for their support.

Truth be told, we just wanted to play this game and opted to hit "record", so I'm making this up as I go.

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