The Multiplex Site is under re-construction!
Good news and bad news: The bad news first, of course: The site redesign is going to be a little delayed. It's a bit more work than I have time for, because of grad school, unfortunately. But I will get to it as soon as possible. BUT… the good news is that as a temporary measure, I've removed the third-party ads from the comics pages (including the homepage), although they remain on other pages of the site because removing them would break the site layout. I've also increased the size of the current chapter — and future strips — to 900px, and I'll be updating the older strip images, too, as time permits. The Milestone Goal was for 900px, but I've settled on 960px wide for the fully redesigned site. 900px is just the largest I can make them with the current site design. Aside from the 960px wide images, other things the new website will include are a responsive layout (to play better with mobile devices) and retina display detection (to provide even larger images to displays capable of showing them). Thank you VERY much to all of you here at Patreon for helping make all this happen!
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