This exclusive secret Guild connects you to a society of like-minded creatures from countless multiple dimensions. We’ve got representatives from parallel universes, perpendicular universes, and even psycho golden spiral universes. 

Our mantra is:


If you’ve found your way here, and you’re reading these words, it’s not by accident. No living or un-living beings (we’ve got some spirit world members) can access this site or this server unless they are in some way affiliated with the Guild. 

We at the Guild use the power of weirdness and imagination to open up doors in the mind that have been long sealed under many layers of convention, fear, and prejudice. A curious and imaginative mind is more susceptible to individual cognitive shifts which can lead to a larger cosmic shift in the collected consciousness. We hope you join us in our pursuit of a more empathetic and inclusive reality.

When accepted, you will receive a Guild Membership Certificate, a Guild membership card, and an official Multiversal Creature Guild pin that identifies you as a Guild member. 

These pins can only be seen by members, so keep your eye out for Guild members that might be roaming around your current dimension. Be sure to give them the secret Guild salute:

Step 1: Place your hands against your temples with 2 fingers pointing up (like antlers or ears), 

Step 2: Keep your fingers pointed and cross your arms across your chest. 

Step 3: A slight bow of respect and acknowledgement. 

Our location services tell us that there are also a number of non-human members running around your specific dimension. Mostly cats, foxes, dolphins, and unfortunately, one squirrel. They are a troublesome species, but I have to admit, this one squirrel is super cool. 


Q: How can this society be so secret if it’s posted so publicly on the Internet where anyone come stumble across it? 

A: The dedicated Guild server is hidden within the framework of the Internet and is only accessible to Guild members and affiliates. The server itself exists in a far universe, encased in what might be the most secure object in any universe. I’d tell you the name of the universe, but it’s name is so large that it would melt your face and computer then proceed to overload the power grid along with any electrical device connected to it. Earth would implode and explode at once and form a massive sun that would engulf the entire solar system. And that would be unfair to Titan. So we’ll call it M-Ver#HONEYBADGER80x7. 

Q: How do the pins stay secret?

A: The pins are actually tangible holograms projecting out of, you guessed it, M-Ver#HONEYBADGER80x7. 

Q: Have you traveled to other universes?

A: I have on multiple occasions. There are coalescing points where countless universes meet. In the middle of that meeting point is a world that acts as a hub that connects them all while simultaneously separating them. There are numerous doors to that hub hiding in plain sight, and one day, I just stumbled into one of these portals.  

Q: Since you’ve traveled to other universes, what’s the best part about this specific Earth?

A: The weirdest creatures I know are just inherently weird. Like  having 3 heads or 4 glowing eyes. Comparatively, humans of this reality are a pretty but plain species. Our organs and extremities are in perfectly fine places but nothing all that adventurous. Though many do regard our water carrying skin suit design as pretty clever. The best thing about this version of humanity is the weird way our minds work. There are many, many species that beat us in intelligence and innovation, but not many can create the weird shit we can.