Muppet Babies Reboot and Anime Club + Payments
Hey everyone, so a couple of things....I decided that I'm going to keep Patreon Payments to monthly.  There's no need to go per video when I'm working to rebuild my channel.  I still have a ways to go and the last thing I need is to worry about figuring out financials. 

Next Anime Club will be starting next month.  If you paid to join the first meeting will be this Tuesday November 1st. We will need to discuss times since some members are international.   In this meeting we will meet, greet and talk about what anime we can all watch together.  

To be honest the date might shift to Sunday, but we need to wait and see what happens with my life. 

Lastly attached is my latest video. Its about Muppet Babies and how Gonzo is kind of a freak. I think you'll enjoy it. Ha.  My next video will be about Vegeta. 

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