Murderbilia 0k - Live Writing Session
 This is what I do when I hit a writer's block, I just cleanse the palate with another story. 

I messed up the post, it went scheduled by accident.

Tier Benefits
Certified Mythographer
$1 or more per null 2 patrons
YOO HOO, Mythographers, this is the one I spoke of in the email. 👋  

Get a digital download of each new short story, plus the archive.
I will make copies available in .Mobi, ePub and PDF formats.

Includes Discord rewards
Epic Poet
$2 or more per null 2 patrons
Draft chapters! Deleted scenes! Become an Epic Poet and you get a story a month PLUS a new draft chapter of a current work or deleted scene from a prior work every time a story drops.
Read new book chapters before anyone else!
Includes Discord rewards
Athena's Owl
$3 or more per null 0 patrons
Become an Owl and watch over my shoulder as I write. Real-time screencap videos of the whole process in Scrivener.
Plus all of the above.
Includes Discord rewards
Aegean Pirate
$4 or more per null 0 patrons
I have a side-project, translating Jules Verne's lesser known novel "The Archipelago on Fire," a story about Aegean pirates in the aftermath of the 1821 revolution.

It is sadly not available in English, and I'm translating from the Greek translation and the original French text simultaneously.

The goal is to make a clean English version available digitally and on Amazon's Print on Demand service, at cost.

By supporting this you help inch this project forward. You'll get a digital copy when it's complete.

Includes Discord rewards
Erinyes Follower
$5 or more per null 0 patrons
With this tier you get the right to nag me for questions. About the world, about writing in general, about the science behind the stories, the inspiration behind them. Torment me endlessly. 

Plus all of the above. 

Includes Discord rewards
Moirai's Thread
$29 or more per null 0 patrons
Divert the flow of fate. Give one writing prompt for a short story. A story seed that will be made into a short story.
Plus all of the above.
Includes Discord rewards
Demigod Genes
$199 or more per null 0 patrons
With this tier you get yourself thrown into a story, with you as the protagonist. Set in the God Complex universe. Logically it will be a novella (because novellas are the easiest for me), but you never know.
Includes Discord rewards
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