Murderess' confession
   “Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.”

– Carol Saline  
 The room was dark and damp. A huge fly was crawling around on the table that was placed right in the middle of the room. A beautiful young woman, who was sitting there, kept her eyes glued on the tiresome insect. She looked concentrated, but only by the first sight, indeed her mind was somewhere far away from this place. She was around twenty-five years old, blond with deep dark eyes, that could catch and root to the spot anybody who look into them. A well-known at these time attorney, entered the stuffy room and the door was closed behind him right after this. - I hope, you understand, who am I. My name is ... - It doesn't matter – she interrupted him - I do not care who you are and what is your name. Do you want me to tell you everything? - Of course, it's my job. And I'm trying to help you. - I do not need help ... I have already helped myself - she smiled bitterly - I just need someone to understand me. This is the only one thing that is important for me now. For the rest I do not care. But I beg you do not interrupt me ... the story is not that easy. 

to be continued ...