There's a lot of exciting stuff going on team! I'm gearing up to get back to the Free Money series and my agent is finalizing that Cloud Town pitch you have all seen! The next FEW YEARS could easily be swallowed up by either Cloud Town or Free Money, but even though I'm excited to complete those stories I also want to keep experimenting with different story types and work in varying styles of drawing.

In order to scratch that itch and keep growing as an artist, I'm going to start alternating between Free Money (or Cloud Town if a publisher picks it up) and a new series of stand alone mini-comics I'm thinking of calling "ISSUE ONE."

The first one of those is about halfway done. Inspired by a new-years packed full of horror movies and the comic series Bone, I'm trying my hand at a story of murdering cat-people that I'm having a ton of fun with. I was aiming at that minimal black line style of Jeff Smith, and of course ending up with something completely different.

I hope this new series will send your imagination off in all kinds of directions. I've been wondering lately: In a world of humanoid animals, would murder even be a crime between species? Perhaps so long as you ate the entirety of the person you killed a citizen might be protected from legal ramifications?

-Anyway I gotta' get outa' this starbucks before I go BONKERS. I'm in North Carolina camping on a friend's land. I'm having a ton of fun, and getting a lot of work done as well.

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