Muriani, Lady of the Water
To the seafolk beneath the waves, Muriani is life, the very water they sift through their gills, the very substance that makes up their world. She is Muriani, the goddess of the seas, known as the Lady of the Water. Above the surface she appears as a massive humanoid female figure, her body formed from the very liquid itself. Her form shifts constantly, but the underlying shape remains the same.  Like the other elemental lords, Muriani can take whatever size she pleases, spanning from a small fountain, to a colossal tidal figure. They say her size is largely dependent on her mood, so one would be wise to stay on her good side.

Regardless of her calm, sometimes playful personality, she is known to change as quick and drastic as the seas she controls.  Muriani is as helpful as she is troublesome and for any sailor to ask for her aid is a gamble in itself. She only treats the merfolk with a more stable and kind hand but even they know not to test her waters.

To the other elementals, she is regarded as one of the most powerful as her crashing waters erode the earth, and extinguish fires. Only Aviara has any say over her domain as her winds can cause torrential storms and trouble for those at sea.  Still, she is not without her consort, Fogoros, who admires her for her strength and beauty and the only one truly capable of quenching his wrathful anger and flame. 

However, with the recent disappearance of Fogoros, Muriani has become unpredictable, and mostly depressed, keeping her seas calm as her love is nowhere to be found.  But even in her sullen state, many are wary to anger her fragile emotions as her waters could flood the earth and destroy life on land for good, leaving Arkelos only a giant ocean. 

Abandon hope all who tempt the Lady of the Water, and those who claim their vessels are unsinkable, for Muriani delights in testing such ships to the extremes. But also, fear not, for legend has it that surface dwellers who drown at sea often come back to life as one with the ocean, and become a merfolk. For not all life is lost at sea, but not all live to cross it. After all, Muriani only cares for her waters and the creatures in it. It is hers... and hers alone.

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