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MUSE - Thought Contagion (Cover)
 Hii my dear Angels!

I am so happy to share this new video with you!! This is a recent song from one of both mine and Davids favourite band "Muse". We choose to do this one instrumental since I caught the heavy virus and wasn't strong enough to be the lead of an Acapella project. Allthough in this song my voice was still not free from the flu, we had so much fun playing together!
It's always a surprise for myself how I end up editing my videos. This one had so many important sounds playing at the same time that I decided to edit multi-frames instead of showing one by one, a little bit more like my acapella's!
I become so starry eyes after sitting with this because all measurements around each clip is manually cut, each video is a complete new design that I invent. It's the mission - and the afterward pleasure!

I want to wish you a wonderful weekend!
Thank you so much for supporting my creations! I am so happy and grateful to have you here with me.
Please let me know how you liked this one!

Much Hugz and love,