Over the past weekend, I did two sessions of making papier-mâché artwork. (Alongside a good friend whose excellent papier-mâché style is very different than mine, very detailed and precise in terms of graphics and design, where I tend to be loose and intuitive.) I made a total of eight pieces, two of which are pieces made to be worked further. 

One of these is a bowl made from watercolor/acrylic paper, that I intend to paint with acrylics, or perhaps multimedia, to make a bowl that is also a painting; I've tried that technique a few times before, and feel like one resulting artwork was successful. 

The piece shown here is as yet untitled. I made it for myself, on a musical theme. I intend to mount it, once it fully dries, on my wall, as a reminder and inspiration. I am in the process of setting up the recording studio again, now that I have a roof over my head. I have pulled out the Kokopelli pieces that I usually keep in my studio, to summon the flute-player god of fertility, as a muse. 

I made this as a combination music and calligraphy piece. The calligraphy can be thought of a score to improvise music from, a graphic score as it were. The purpose of this piece is to keep the musical juices flowing.

Technical Notes:

Papier-mâché sculture made from fiber paper with music score paper inclusions, layered on a flat tray to make a wall-mounted frame. Plus score paper torn and layered, with brush calligraphy. 

Papier-mâché is an artform I love. I don't it often, but when I set up to make papier-mâché pieces, I tend to do a lot in one or two sittings. Very often I make several bowls and other sculptural pieces per session. For any given session, I typically have one or two ideas I want to try, but then I often make several more pieces that are pure improvisation.

I also like to make papier-mâché bowls as gift baskets. I use them to put gifts in, for example, with the theme of the bowl being a presentation tied to the gift. For example, one year I made a large papier-mâché bowl out of Christmas-themed paper, then put chocolates and ornaments in it, to take it to a friend's Christmas party.