So, I have a draft of everything (music/doodle/secret background story rewards) ready to go for my patrons . . . I've approved the proof of the mastered song . . . but, the mastering folks haven't finalized the order yet (even though I


the copy of the mastered song). Personally, I feel that it would be unethical for me to distribute something they put work into until I know they've received my payment. I'm hoping that they'll complete the order processing today, but there's a chance that they have fled for Memorial Day weekend, so we may have to wait until Tuesday.

D: Noooooo!

Music/art = a journey full of strange obstacles and unexpected delays, but with outcomes well worth the trek.

So! I'm staying on top of it, checking every chance I get!

If you're not a patron yet and would like to be before it is released so that you can get the rewards, now is the time to sign up by clicking on the "Become a Patron" link! Otherwise, it will probably be a week later for you (I'm doing some fancy things for the first time; sorry!) (UPDATE!!: 5/27/16, 10:07pm PST - They finalized the payments, so I have released the song and it is too late to get in on this one if you haven't already. But, you can still become a patron for my next song!)

If you're already a patron, make sure your payment information is up to date! You will not be able to access the special gifts if it is not up to date, so this is very important.

Prepare yourselves.

Music is coming.