Music is not Binary. It's Divine at the least.
This. This is what I do. Several years ago I made myself a promise, to only pay to release my music on #vinyl. Here's why...When I fell in love with music, it was a beautiful thing. There was this big, mysterious, beautiful piece of art to stare at. Cryptic messages from the band. (Ever swiped a wet thumb across Led Zeppelin's In Through The Out Door inside sleeve?) Liner notes, photos, multiple recording locations like Marc Bolan did with T. did they do that in London, New York and L.A? Insane! Over time, my relationship with recorded music grew cold. CD's made replications of the idea of what something sounded like into binary code. Music is not Binary. It's Divine at the very least. And then Mp3's came...UGH. Even more compression of those beautiful sounds everyone spent days to get some air breathing in to. Streaming...I can't even. See, I'm wrapped up in the belief that it is a kind of "great depression" for everyone who has lived through this...

But then I remembered. Why did I come here? Oh yeah...It wasn't to be on Soundcloud; it was to sound like a cloud. It wasn't to be on Reverb Nation; it was to reverberate the nations. It was to share the raw, magnetic electricity of my being with everyone who would listen. It was to be in front of a mic, sing into a copper wire, travel down into a tube amp and sent to magnetic tape. To have that tape send my magnetism to acetate, and then into vinyl grooves and have someone, somewhere just like me, "pull out the vinyl and lay the needle down." To have the magnetism delivered through a diamond stylus, roll through that mystical wave into a tube amp and out two big magnets inside the speaker cabinets. 

Right into their soul.  Even on a Lo Fi, making vinyl is the High Life. 

That's why I came here. And with just a little help, that's how I'll stay.  Hope you comment. 

#Dig. -Adam Mackintosh

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