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Music Mission Episode 10 in Mexico City

Hello generous patrons of Music Mission far and wide, from Japan to Germany to the USA to Mexico,

Hope this finds you great. Thank you always for your support.

Writing to share Episode 9 with you. For this Episode, we worked in my hometown of Mexico City. Mexico City is a giant at 28 plus million people, and is growing quickly. Though I love the city, I have a privileged position here. Most do not.

Many of the Mexico City’s recent immigrants come from rural indigenous communities throughout Mexico looking for work. They arrive with their families with nothing. Young people arriving with their parents are forced to adapt to new way of life in the city, and petty crime is often the easiest and quickest solution for young people to survive.

For this episode, we reached out to Glorias del Deporte MX, a foundation that works to provide education and a brighter future to young people of indigenous origin whose families have moved to Mexico City. We were able to realize a workshop and community concert together, and the video we produced here will help Glorias del Deporte communicate the success of their programs with their benefactors, and posible future benefactors. The idea of international reach holds a lot of weight in Mexico. 

Knowing all of us here (from the USA, Germany, Spain, Mexico and Japan) are paying attention to what is happening in these Mexico City communities is inspiring for the young people the programs serve and the people and programs that support the work. It all feeds each other and the impact we can have grows on itself. 

So, in short, thank you for making this work possible. 

In addition to the work you see in the video, this Episode we :

- Donated guitars and keyboards to young music students without resources to purchase the instruments themselves

- Performed a concert to support the community library “Biblioteca Social Reconstruir”, a community library in inner city Mexico City

- Sponsored a piano class to a student of Alex Mercado as part of our ongoing lesson/workshop scholarship work

Patrons on the patreon page also receive for their support :

- Free download of the record “Cinema : Music for Unmade Film” with pianist Alex Mercado

- Sheet music for “Cinema”

- A “community made” video filmed in Mexico City for the song “Short Bill”, pieced together from videos sent in by supporters in Mexico 

Thank you for your time, and again, for your generous support. Any feedback, questions, ideas, or ways we might be more effective are always welcomed.

Patrons of Music Mission living in Minnesota, or Mexico City, are always welcome a our events and concerts free of charge, just let me know what you’d like to come to.