Music video! "Nuclear Winter Wonderland" ft. Bonecage and Mr. Gee
I was heartbroken when I had to say goodbye to Roxy, our older basset hound, last weekend. We were lucky to get a month of extended quality time with her when her vets expected her to go quickly.

Since she passed I've been finding ways to spend more quality time with Tommy, our rescue dog and the heir of all of Roxy's treats and beds.

I think that a lot of the darkness I was carrying with me as Roxy was struggling with cancer ended up in this song, and now that I have started processing all that, I think a lot of the joy of thinking about her life, and about the time we have now with Tommy, has started to emerge and found its way into this video, which I have to say, I am immensely proud of.

If you enjoyed it, please let my collaborators know, because we worked super hard on it! I also think you'd enjoy their work.

Bonecage did an incredible all of the instrumentation, mixing and mastering (plus extra backing vocals)! You can tweet at him here or check out his Patreon here.

Mr. Gee provided backing vocals and jingly bells and it was his "Songs in the Key of Fallout" that inspired the track in the first place. He's on Twitter here.

Finally my longtime friend Aaron "Plants" Lenk came out on a cold Sunday to follow me and my dog around a ravine with a camera. He does an incredible webcomic called The Last Giant, which you can read here.

Thanks and holiday love to all you!