Music video - Chris Dance & The Holy Echo "Hope"
 This was a music video shot over the course of a month. With pre-production starting towards the end of January and principal photography beginning just as the snow was beginning to fade away.  This was frustrating, as we did location scouting in hopes of having a "Winter wonderland" for the shoot. Instead, we got grey mush on the sides of the roads and brown rivers to shoot against. 

 But, we stayed positive, the most important thing about the shoot was to have fun while doing it. So, we did just that. Our Crew was split into 2 groups. One was to film all the scenes that required downtown Indianapolis and the other was to travel to McCormick's Creek (a state park).  Both teams had matching storyboards, we had hoped to have both characters with matching frames. 

  At the end of the day, the plan was to meet at a warehouse where a third team was building a final set-piece. One part of it being a small "pedestal" (seen below).  After what seemed like several days of a shoot, it had finally come to an end. It was a wrap. 

The next challenge was reshoots of a small segment and editing. 

This shoot was not without its errors. From communication issues to handling time management. We learned a lot with this music video, onto the next one...