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Bam, now the song's in your head. Maybe. Full disclosure, I am bored to death of zombies, but I think there's a good reason for it. It's a "horror" genre that hasn't just been milked dry but used for wholly irrelevant purposes over and over. At this point, ironically, zombies are a shambling husk; no one is doing anything new with the concept, we're just seeing the same handful of things over and over again. It's Venom in the mid-90s, a neat concept that's been so overused that no matter how great your concept might be you should let it lie for a few years just to give people some time to breathe. Since we are in October (or, as I like to call it, Halloween), it seemed like an appropriate time to talk about what a hard project these little goombas are, categorically. Not that I think we'll see an end to the huge pile of crappy zombie-based games for a while. Sony Online Entertainment is still pushing H1Z1, and if that seems like anything shy of a wholly unnecessary extension... At any rate. Enjoy!
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