Music? Yea I got stuff I am working on. Visuals? Yes that too!
Much music in the works as well as old music I still need to release. I have two tracks in the processes of being finished that I will be featuring my sultry friend Jonny Van on. You want vocals I got em. 

I also have my friends Future Access working on a remix of one of my favorite works from 2016 that still isn't released as well as a remix. So over the next coming months prepare some interesting shit. 

I am also working on some astrofunk schhhwaaggg ...

Basically I am starting to become a big boy. I don't want to get in my way anymore (always a work in progress). So I can share my work, and you the viewer can see  just how my life evolves both shittly and awesomely.

So keep your eyes and ears out for some goodness soon.