#MusicMonday 5
Disasterpeace is a composer who really came into the limelight after the soundtrack he created for the game Fez. His distinct sound can also be heard in the horror film It Follows.

There’s many tracks on the OST that have been on repeat during the last few years while I’ve been writing and designing Billy Saves the World, but the one I will focus on today is called, “Age”.

A common emotional theme I found myself coming back to when discussing the score with John, was loneliness. 

Billy Saves the World begins with our hero having his heart broken when he’s dumped by his girlfriend. Soon after, he falls into a portal where he’s taken to a distant planet. Originally, the game featured almost zero other characters. The planet you were on was supposed to be void of life to further enforce this. Things have changed a tad at this point, but that theme hasn’t left entirely. 

I was hoping that this feeling would also translate into isolation, and being disconnected from anything that one might associate with ‘home’. I really wanted to give the player the feeling that they were far away, and the only thing you could realistically do, is wander, and explore.

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