Musings Of A Guitar Builder, Ep. 3
Well, here we are at episode 3 of "Musings Of A Guitar Builder". It looks like I have an audience of zero at the time of this posting, but that's okay. I'll keep plugging along. 

What a week. I made some changes to my shop this week. We're hoping to host international students at our home and I moved a lot of storage out of a spare room and into my shop. That reduced the amount of space I have to work in, but it could be interesting figuring out how to make it even better. On the upside, I can now have my work stations closer to me, so I'll be making less effort going between them. On the downside, I will likely have to use my table saw outside, at least for cutting larger pieces. Not the end of the world, but change isn't always easy. "I'm doing this for the family,"I keep reminding myself.

Here's one for the dissapointments department of Folkoustica Guitars. I put in some frets on a cigar box guitar neck I'm building. Everything looked good until I went to level the frets. One fret was exceptionally low compared to all the other ones. Instead of removing that one fret and putting a new one in, I stupidly decided to try and bring all of the other frets down to that level. I'll NEVER do that again! Now the frets are so low that I cannot crown them without removing what's left of the fret. I was pretty bummed. So, I'm taking some time away from the workbench to get over it. I'll have to pull all the frets (instead of just one), and glue new ones in. Yes, I have to glue them in now becuase I'm afraid when I pull the frets, the slots will be too banged up to accept new tang. Awww Crap! Well, lesson learned.

I have been scheming lately about how I can focus more of my attention and energy on things I want to do for income, rather than solely depending on my day job for income. I already mentioned the foreign exchange student housing, which will be an easy and profitable way to get some money. Right now, the guitar building isn't paying the bills. I'm never going to give up on that dream. I do realize, especially after the fretwork incident, that I need more training. I have an appointment with a real luthier this month, who I'm hoping will be willing to help me improve my skills. The focus of my posts for the foreseeable future will be my educational experiences. I'll share more of my expertise when I get some. Another venture I'm looking into is rental real estate. That does require some up-front money, so I'm saving every penny. I'm selling almost all of my personal posessions. Hopefully, that will turn out well. 

Future posts should be more upbeat. Sorry for the negativity. Just having a rough go of it lately. Stay tuned for next week's episode.

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