Musketeer Space Part 42: Communications in Outer Space
FRENZYKENZIE3: Porthos, for the last time, I don’t want to hear about your stomach. HOYDEN: Jump always makes me feel so sick. :( :( :( FRENZYKENZIE3: Considering you and Athos just woke up from a twelve hour sleep rotation while I got to be the only person fielding Aramis’ insecurities about her girlfriend for did I mention twelve hours, I’m going to go with no. No pity. None left. MORNINGSTAR: No one is insecure, who said I was insecure? FRENZYKENZIE3: Porthos, is this a group chat??? Warn a person first. HOYDEN: It’s not my fault you started talking about our friends behind their backs. FRENZYKENZIE3: Nothing I haven’t said to their faces. PISTACHIOGRUMPYFACE: I believe I already requested to be taken off any and all discussions about anything short of war-related emergencies. PISTACHIOGRUMPYFACE: Right, who changed my username?
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