Musketeer Space Part 55: Snow and Star Nuns, But Mostly Snow

Here at the convent in the fucking mountains, you couldn’t escape it, because little known fact about this particular chapter of nuns? They were really into TeamJoust. They had their own tank, and their own cinquefoil teams (divided by age group – the 60+ “Silver Tyre-Irons” were especially brutal). They watched all the games, past and present. They talked about all the games, constantly.

If sport was a religion, then these nuns had their cake and ate it too.

It no longer surprised Conrad that they had taken him in on an anonymous character recommendation from Chevreuse’s office, had given him shelter despite the deadly threats he might have brought down on their peaceful community.

Pretty clearly, the nuns of the Convent of Carmelline thought that having a real life professional fleur-de-lis player in their midst was the best thing that had happened to them in years.