Musketeer Space Part 3: Shouting at Musketeers
"The shorter Musketeer was round in all dimensions, including a bosom that must surely get in the way of her helm controls. She had a cheeky, pleasant face beneath a head shaved almost as closely as Treville’s. She also wore a version of the Musketeer uniform that Dana had never seen before – a long blue-and-white coat cut to flatter her size, in expensive cloth rather than the more common artificial blends. She wore the coat with a wide, bedazzled belt that glittered with a small fortune in pearl studs. As if all that wasn’t enough swish and vanity, this shorter Musketeer had the blue and white cross of the service painted in exquisite miniature upon each of her manicured fingernails. “I can count, you know,” said Commander Treville dryly, scanning the corridor once again. “Where’s your third partner in crime?”
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