The Muslim Women Series: Meet Kamilah in Oakland!
Muslim Women Can Create Social Change - Kamilah Shuaibe, one of our first subjects featured in the docu-series, The Muslim Women, is a singer-songwriter in Oakland, CA.  *Kamilah partnered up with Denise Cotton to create, The Love Project. As an active member of her community, Kamilah prepares for the big event, as well as an upcoming show this fall, showcasing her phenomenal singing and writing talents! **See Kamilah's story unfold in our pilot episode of "The Muslim Women."

Her goals include creating a crossover album of inspirational music to which people of all spiritual backgrounds can relate, conducting a TED Talk, and continuing to help others identify their God-given gifts for the healing of humanity, with her organization in Oakland, California.

With such a lofty goal of reaching across Islamophobia, Racism, and Sexism, we get to follow Kamilah on her challenging journey as a Black Woman, and Muslim Woman through her philanthropy, music, and performances!

Check out her performance here: