Mutant fish in Great Lakes
This post is going somewhat viral right now on Facebook. Apparently this fish was caught in Lake St Clair (a connector lake between Erie and Huron) on Feb 18th. Besides the o b v I o u s deformity of 2 bodies, one head...Notice the mouth, eyes, color, and fin aberrations. This is why women in the Great Lake region have been warned for years not to eat fish. And people who heavily rely on fish for substinance ( like Native tribes in the region) limit their consumption. The EPA & NIH have actually endorsed those warnings, but the focus has always been on mercury, pcb's, and other toxins. The Great Lakes are surrounded by nuclear plants and waste dumps, and radioactive barrels were even dumped there decades ago, in Lake Michigan. The people of this region believe the lakes are a 'pristine water source' but as most on this page well know, pristine water sources are restricted pretty much to glacial runoff only in the southern hemisphere, and even that comes into question as we know fallout from Fukushima was observed and detected 3 weeks after the accident first began. If only all mutations were as pretty as that yellow cardinal in Alabama...sigh.