Paid for by patrons
First let me thank everyone who donated to the cause of Free Music Videos for the People. The donations totally helped. NO MORE DOWNTIME!

Please spread the word as there is still lots to do.

 The main things the funds helped was kick off our Amazon S3 remote server bucket so we could have more space for kick ass videos to render. We crank thru 100 videos a day sometimes and that's a lot of processing/space. Now older videos are archived there and shuttled back and forth if they are racking up major views. A all night coding binge got the job done:

mp = b.initiate_multipart_upload(os.path.basename(source_path))

chunk_size = 52428800

chunk_count = int(math.ceil(source_size / float(chunk_size)))

We fixed a ton of bugs and we are rocking on youtube , tumblr, facebook and twitter in our insane attempt to promote all the artists that use MVGEN. We've even had some signed artist use the engine to kick ass.

So I want to deeply thank you for donating - you saved us! Our next three milestones are:


  •  20 More Filters and a Beta of MVGEN TV.
  •  The ultimate truly free mix and match Filter option
  •  Start Flowing in The Redesign

If there is anything you want to see or know just drop us a line and I'll answer lickety-split!