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My 100 Clavichord Recordings in 500 Seconds...!
100 music videos, featuring the clavichord, between February 1st 2014 and November 1st 2016... I am kind of .. proud of that... Let me invite you to fly over them with me in 500 seconds...

Production of these recordings has never felt like “real work.” It never even felt as if it took much time from my daily life. The regular upload scheme (one recording every ten days) certainly has helped to turn this adventure into a habit. But the one determining factor that helped achieve all of this has been ... YOU ! 

You all have created a new, refreshing, and perhaps even modern dynamic around my musical life. If I write anything, here, it is a sincere “thank you”, to all of the almost 3.000 of you, of which I could call many a friend. Without your support, this would never have been possible. Not to mention all the projects that are on their way…

The instrument I’m playing on is built by Joris Potvlieghe (B) in 2009, in the Saxon style. It serves me extremely well for music from Bach to Beethoven, and I have to thank him as well. His instrument feels every day as a renewed gift. It changed my life, and I think for the better.

But of all people, there is one name that should fill this page. At the moment where I’m writing these last lines, you’re reading the words of someone who stands up in the morning, has breakfast with his wonderful girls, and starts his day with working on what he loves to work on: managing an international organ project in Leuven that at times is hectic and demanding, drawing the outlines for the restoration of historical organs, practicing and studying music, chasing his dream of bringing his art to the outside world... in short: a husband that is constantly busy, distracted, frustrated at times, overfull of energy at other times... and still... all loose ends that drop (and there are many), there is a woman picking all of them up and handles them with a smile, telling me above all to continue, and at the end of the day, our children are happy in bed, ready for a hug from their dad, and later, again behind the keys of my clavichord or my computer, she’ll hold still for a moment, and while giving me a kiss asks if MY day was a good one...

So... thank you Anja. You have no idea what your part is in all of this. 

Without you, I would be lost. Probably forever.

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