MY 100 subs special : my custom URL,50th video+ THANK YOU
hello guys i am life hacker and i made this channel because i want to make funny videos that will make people happy.But because of financial problems.I am a 16 year old guys who likes to play games but i am a student so i cant afford a gaming PC....

If you can help i any way then i will be very thanks full to you.  

Anyways This is a 100 subs special video guys.This is my 50th video.

i just want to tell you about my new custom URL.

THANK YOU GUYS VERY MUCH for supporting me i appreciate you support.Hope you will continue supporting my channel.we made it guys we made it to 100 subs.

THANKS YOU and please subscribe in case you haven't because it will help you to catch up with my lastest videos.