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My 19th and LAST video for 2014!
Thank you all SO incredibly much for everything this year. Every word of encouragement, every like and share, and every-single-dollar has helped me to grow immensely and I could NOT have done it without you!!! My patrons. I am forever and eternally grateful! To show my thanks, I am soon going to be inviting you to a secret PATRONS ONLY live streamed concert right from my home! It will be sometime in the second half of January on a weekend. Stay tuned and I will send an email with the info later on. I can't wait to be able to thank you all on camera, and be able to show you the things that I've been investing in to make my youtube videos grow and prosper. Enjoy my rendition of Diamonds by Rihanna, and BRING ON 2015!!! Yours, Jess