My 1st Patreon Giveaway!
This past month has turned my life upside down (Some ways great.) I had a bunch planned to show off here this month but had to delay it.

 Comic projects are taking my priority right now.

SOooo in order to make it up to all of you I'm having my very first Patreon giveaway, if you want to receive a little something, something from me in the mail in early July all you have to do is message me here your mailing address. (Regardless of where you are located in the world.) by June 30th.

Its my way of giving back and for not producing the content here this month that I had planned. ...but worry not, good stuff is on the horizon for all of you my friends.

And if you read this as I post it, then come join us on my return to the Studio Synergy show!

Peace all, we'll talk soon.