My 200 Word RPG

Summer Camp

A story game by Alice Grizzle 

You and some friends snuck out at midnight to swap ghost stories by firelight. 

Describe your Campers. Talk about their look, favorite subject, and hobbies.

Each of you shares a ghost story, each swearing theirs is real. Once all are told, squabble briefly over which was the most frightening. That one’s true. 

Once you know who's story is true, the ghost reveals itself and kills the storyteller. That player now plays the Ghost.

Ghost: Ask them what their plan is and who goes with them. Build on their answers, put obstacles in their path that echo your ghost story. When they overcome one, ask again.

Campers: Be quick, clever, and cunning in your answers. Work together. You can't fight, but you might just survive.

When a lone Camper wants to do something, if a smart kid can do it, they succeed. If not, they fail. If the Campers work together without arguing, they succeed at anything a competent adult could do.

The haunt ends when half the Campers are dead.

You know you can't tell the story, for it might come true again, so what do you tell everyone once morning comes?