Well I suppose my first review should actually be my motorcycle, my 16 year old Yamaha R6.

Well where do I start with this machine it has been an absolute joy to own and ride, having owned it for just over a year it wasn’t really a well used motorcycle, was very low mileage for its age even looking back at the all the previous MOT certificates it hadn’t done much between tests.

So about the bike it has a very unique paint scheme having speaking to the dealer that sold it there were only 2 done and no one has any idea what happened to the other one so it may now be a one of a kind, mechanically this bike has been a pleasure not let me down (touch wood) only maintenance  I have had to do to the bike so far is regular wear and tear,

I have replaced the chain and sprocket more so for my own piece of mind same thing when I fitted the Michelin Pilot Power 2ct tyres to the bike, other changes I have done to the bike were replacing the stock brake and clutch levers for red and gold adjustable short levers and I replaced the Micron oval slip on with a 200mm Delkevic stubby exhaust and replaced the stock brake lines with Goodridge braided brake lines.

Riding style on this bike well were do I start with myself being a bit of a novice still I have yet to get the full potential from the R6 but with it still being the older carbureted model it has quite a bit of mid end punch as well as top end, the high rev range of the engine makes it a dream on the twisties as you are not having to shift up and down through the 6 speed gearbox as much you can just hold it in a gear that bit longer and still get it to power through the corners. The inline 4 engine is very smooth and has been faultless even though I have heard of reviews of problems including gearbox problems with 2nd gear but I have yet to experience any of these problems.

I am hoping for many more years with the R6 as it has been a great motorcycle for building confidence and for a sixteen year old bike it still gets noticed in amongst the newer bikes.

I’m pretty sure this review will be updated as time goes on owning the bike but I would recommend a Yamaha R6 to any biker.

Ride safely and keep it shiny side up.

R6 Monkey