My Appearance with Patty Griffin, Anais Mitchell & Sara Watkins!
Just in case you missed it on Facebook & YouTube, something incredible happened last Saturday night... I sang with Anais Mitchell, Patty Griffin and Sara Watkins here in Los Angeles at the final show of their Use Your Voice Tour! Poor Anais was under the weather and unable to sing her songs, so I filled in for her last-minute and sang lead on "Your Fonder Heart" while Patty & Sara backed me up on harmonies! It was was such an honor and privilege, and I was so warmly welcomed by everyone involved last night. I wish it had been under better circumstances for you, Anais, but I will forever be grateful for the opportunity, and I was so thrilled to help a sister out. Feel better soon, and thanks again for having me apart of such a memorable evening! 

I'm going write an article and tell the whole story for May's patron-only hub, but I wanted to share the video first. Here's what Glen Nadeau was able to capture from backstage (sorry for the poor sound quality!): 

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