My Art Goals This Year 2017
My Focus This Year As a person, I have never been very good at setting goals in stone for myself. I find that when I make plans for my life, they usually don’t work out. But as an artist I make sure that I always have a goal. It’s been very important for me to keep moving through my art career and studies this past year, and when life gets really hard I take comfort in my work. This year my main goal is to push myself into the light! I will be posting my progress any way that I can, and that means Videos, Blogs, an updated website and new business cards. This year I want people to know that I exist. And That I am here for one reason. To make a living doing what I live for. My secondary and continuous goal is to refine my style and at the same time, to try new things! It’s so fun to step into another artists world every once in a while. And by collaborating with others, I find that it makes it easier for me to understand what exactly my own aesthetic is. Sometimes It takes someone else’s’ eyes on your work for you to see what makes your art different. And being open to new art experiences is just one part of my quest to refine my style.
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