One thing that has occurred to me lately is that I have a much older audience than most youtubers. I think my audience is great because when you create content for a little older demographic, you are reaching people mentally more mature and thoughtful. These kind of people often lack quality content, especially on a platform like youtube which is so geared towards kids and teenagers. I remember years back when I used to admire Freddie Wong because he was an innovator in this new type of media and really being a pioneer for what one could do with youtube. I still think he is great and someone to admire but I had to quit watching his videos a few years ago because they are aimed at teenagers who's whole life is about playing video games. For me as a man past my early 20's and someone that doesn't play videogames, his videos became un-watchable. It's not that his videos are bad, but I surely don't fit in that demographic. I would like to go in a little more mainstream direction but it still has to be something I am genuinely interested in or there is no point. I believe it's also important for a channel like mine to receive support through Patreon because if smaller, more niche channels like this don't get support, eventually all you are going to have is the most mainstream types of content and other types of people that don't fit into that kind of audience will be left out. Thank you so much for your support and being awesome!
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