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This is my first Patreon mix set. I wanted to pay a tribute to the original sounds of deep house that were being created around California and in France in the year 2000. It’s deep, chilled and groovy. You can download the 96kbs in the attatchment. Everybody will receive their appropriate links later! Thank you so much for supporting me. I hope you enjoy! \o/ Cheers! TRACKLIST 1. Painting in the sky (Moti Brothers Remix) - Felipe L 2. Big Time (Soul Minority Deep Mix) - Edmund 3. Sunset Point - dEEPoint 4. Lost Feelings - Felipe L 5. Fragile Thoughts - Sawas 6. Hang Around - Jon Donson 7. Sundub - SCSI-9 8. Hallo Hallo - Roby J 9. Do It - Tim Andresen 10. Slam the Door - MUUI 11. Beat Organ - 16bit Lolitas 12. Sweet Baby - Mickey 13. Big Sur - Honesty 14. Daddyship - Paul Klitsie 17. La Nuit (Downtown Party Network Remix) - Patlac