My camera it's in the camera hospital :'(
My DSLR Camera it's currently being repaired after an accident (it fell) and hopefully I will get it back this week, that's the reason my video quality has been low the past week. I have been recording with my phone and it has a good camera but depends a lot on the light I have hahaha. So yeah, I'm crossing my fingers that they will have it ready this week.

I also got a new addition, a camera ring light, since at the moment I don't want to invest in big bulky lights (no space available at home) and I found this one and hopefully it will work for my videos, I just need to attach it to the lens! How cool is that!!

For next month I have been purchasing new props for video ideas that I'm really excited about, one of them it's for your ears, face and medical supply!

I know you will love them too, I'll show you pictures when they arrive.

Thanks for reading and see ya in Youtube!!

<3 Jonie~